VJ Singh


    Turned on the Champions Tour this evening and saw one of my favorites in second place and playing well.  VJ is one of the hardest workers in the game of golf.  Will stay on the range until the sun goes down to work on his game.  I met him at the 2013 PGA and he is a real gentleman and easy to talk to.  I wish him well in his new venture.  cz  : )


    Using a short putter too.

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    As remarkable a career as he has had, imagine if he'd been a stronger putter...That guy tinkered with more putters and styles in the search for putting nirvana...Remember the putter he used to win the Masters??!

    Also used very successfully by Gil MOrgan and for a period of time by the leader of the Tour Championship - Henrik Stenson!

    I too share the quest for putting perfection and at one point counted one of the early versions of the Dandy as part of my putter inventory. Once grooved, the short putts were a no brainer. Longer putts take a lot of judgement for speed (regardless which putter you use, but more so with the Dandy IMHO).

    Ultimately, I found the putting technique to be quite sound though my game stick these days is a Cameron Circa 62 #5....

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    He thanks you chuck


    Not one of my favorites.  Real Gentleman?? Ask the caddies about him.  Add suing the tour you can have him.


    He's a hard worker, but I lost respect after his lawsuit!


    I know the caddies don't like him because he is a workaholic and a demanding employer.....he is very nice to the fans and volunteers, speaking from first hand experience......I do like his work ethic......I'll take him over TW anyday.......I know, it's all about choices......take  : )  

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    Great career ...if he was even a decent putter he would have won 2 or 3 more majors and probably a dozen more wins.

    But that said the guy is *** - admits using something on the banned list in SI then sues the tour for damaging his reputation.

    I have seen at the Travelers for a few years now and he isn't to fan friendly which is ok but to sue the tour ? I dont agree with that at all.

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    Met him a bunch of years ago at the US Open and also found him to be really a nice guy.  Too bad he's tarnished his image at this stage in his career.


    here here.  Not the best decision I have seen him make.


    Met him a bunch of years ago at the US Open and also found him to be really a nice guy.  Too bad he's tarnished his image at this stage in his career.

    unfortunately he tarnished his image early in his career.  took him almost his entire career to rehabilitate his image and only to mess it up again.

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    well, it's hard to weigh in on whether vijay has really tarnished his image. the deer antler thing was clearly a mistake on his part but i kind of think he's just trying to save face after the tour held his money and tried to suspend him.

    it's a sad thing all around...except that he's playing balls out this week at the australian masters. he just might nip scotty at the finish.

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    I think his suing the Tour is clearly within his legal remedies. The courts will decide who is at vault.

    If Vijay is vindicated his reputation is still damaged.

    If the Tour is going to have drug testing then it should be applied to 100% of the players... from the mini tours through the LPGA and PGA.

    I did not realize that golf scores had a likeability component.


    it will be interesting now that golf is Olympic sport how testing will change.  the golfers that choose to participate will be subject to much stricter drug testing.  and i believe that will start sometime in the next year or so.  i think all athletes who intend to participate must be tested for at least 9 months before being eligible to compete.

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    If Vijay was even just an average putter he would have won a couple more majors and probably a dozen more tournaments.Poster boy for working hard on the range.

    Loses points as a "real gentleman " for the cheating ban early in his career and this lawsuit mess with the PGA Tour.