Not Justin's day

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    When this happens it's not your day

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    As Steve Sands said  " it's a cruel game sometime's "

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    Yeah that was crazy!  Horrible luck.  How many times do people do that and never does a divot do that.  Maybe from now on he warms up offset from the ball just a little bit!

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    I saw that. Some days it just isn't your day.


    ....things like this can happen and in the heat of competition we have mind lapses......I have taken practice swings to close to my ball in a tournament and accidently hit my ball and moved the ball with my club......ugly error is human.....take your medicine and move on.....I really feel for the guy,'s still a : )


    Must admit to seeing the clip on TV and my first thought was (as it often is) "what a crazy game". Have seen guys take full swings and divots without moving the ball at all but never anything like this. UNLUCKY - understatement.

    I remember playing with a guy who whose putting routine was a couple of quick strokes beside his ball before stepping up to putt (like many of us do) and this day he mistakenly clipped the ball and off it sped at right angles, right accross and off the green ... thought to myself at the time that I couldn't recall ever seeing anyone do that before ... but a couple of months later I was in my pre-putt routine and guess what .....

    wanted to cry, but couldn't stop laughing.