FedEx Cup scenarios


    here was what each player needs to happen in order to win the FedEx Cup.


    Great article. Will they have a running stat board through out the tournament? That would be cool.


    Tiger looks like a sure fire winner on paper, but I still like Zach, Adam and Steve's chances.......fairways, greens and putts.....and I believe the Golden Bear used stay about the Masters; "it starts on the 10th tee on Sunday"......good luck to them   : )

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    East Lake is a long course but guys like Bill Haas and Brandt have won there so length isn't everything, tough to go back to back but Zach is tough as nails so I could see him in the mix again. Love to see Stricks win.

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    That's a really cool breakdown.  I can't wait to see how things shake out this weekend!

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    I think Tiger might just get it all together for this one.

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    Excellent article tdogg - Great share..

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    Interesting read, pretty complicated after the first five spots but...I look forward to the Tour Championship.  

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    Great article. Will they have a running stat board through out the tournament? That would be cool.

    I am sure that GC will have that as a feature even in round 1. I was watching the playoffs and they were moving people up and down with their projections.  A bit of overkill in rounds 1, 2 and 3 in my opinion.  


    Tiger really drives who wins.  if he has an off week, anyone can win.  if you look at what Dustin Johnson needs to win, the only scenario that seems unlikely is Tiger finishing 29th.  everything else seems very possible.

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    Tiger hasn't played great and he hasn't played terribly. He hasn't won at East Lake in a while but it's long and that plays to his strength.

    If your not in the top 7 it appears you need like 4 different things to occur, so it will almost come down to someone in the top 5, hopefully Scott, Zach or Stricker.

    Appears unlikely we will see a scenario where a guy outside top 10 wins it like when Bill Haas snatched it.


    Thanks for the posting the link.   The BMW was a lot more interesting b/c of the points race.  I suspect that the Tour Championship will be the same.  Sort of like watching a presidential election in the US with the Electoral College votes being tallied.  Should be fun to watch!

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    I would really like to see Zack or Stricker win since they are Midwest guys, but I think the whole playoff system would be flawed if Stricker won, with only a single win and playing a reduced schedule, granted he has had top finishes in almost every event.


    so to update, if Stenson falters (and with a bad wrist, it's possible) and tiger doesn't improve, everyone has a chance to win it all.  and even if Stenson has only a slight bobble, the top 15 or 20 are easily in play to win.


    Anyone have the scenarios for tomorrow worked out?