Billy Horschel wearing the Octopus pants!


    What do you think ? Should our national champion, if he wins, wear octopus pants ?


    What is that all about?

    Certainly different and can't say I was a big fan.


    i didn't like it and I don't know why he wore them

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    I like better have game or a good since of humor to pull it off but, he definitely has the personality to do it.  

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    If you got the game to back up wearing pants like that I say go for it!  haha  While we were watching I asked my wife if I should get a pair and of course she said no haha


    Just as long as there are no tentacles showing


    When I first turned on the coverage and saw his pants my initial thought was " that looks like an octopus" but then though no, must just be some weird pattern.

    Not sure if there is a story behind it all, if so hope to hear it one day.


    Interesting to say the least!

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    Not many that can pull it off, but he does well.   If thats possible....

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    Didn't I hear someone say sometime that golf is "a game for men who wear funny pants?"

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    I have them in shorts...they're from RLX.  They also sold them in the merch tent at Merion.  The shorts are a bit much...the pants even more so.  I bought them to lounge around the pool/house post round.  


    Hard for me to fathom (nice ocean reference eh?) that Ralph Lauren would do such a thing. For such an icon of fashion, once who typifies the classical fabrics and looks, to allow something such as this.... It's crazy. And I am just simply not a fan in any way. Sure he made a statement, but I think it's off the mark and a Major miss. a "Shank-O-Potamus if you will.

    As I said in a different post, these trousers make Loud Mouth look normal.


    I would wear the shorts while playing on vacation. They look like they would make my daugther shake her head and smile. "Daddy's got fashion".

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    I'd be OK with shorts.  Pants?  Not so much.  I do like that he didn't mind wearing them, but they don't do anything for me and I'm all for wearing "different" clothing patterns.

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    They were unfortunate to say the least.