Really Bubba?


    19holeSerious remodel is underway. My thought is that if I need to make a lot of changes to a house in that price range I would just build my own!

    Rick, I totally agree with you. Just build a new house with all the specs as your wife wants them.

    you both are right......but it all comes down to location!  look how many guys recently have bough multiple million dollar homes only to tear them down.  they were basically spending 10-20 million for the lot.


    Did not know Bubba was looking to move.  Thanks for sharing.  I am sure he will fit right in with the General Lee in the driveway.


    Lots of great building lots at Lake Nona..... Just sayin'

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    I hope it doesn't bring bad karma.


    What ever happened to Elin?  Did she get a home in the same neighborhood as Tiger? (for the kids sake). They would have to put in a fire hydrant as she is still smokin.

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    Those fire hydrants, and the Golf Boys, oh yes.  Tiger's house?  Really you couldn't find anywhere else to live?


    You all know how it is... LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  Like TW dozing a house just to build a $60M pad... or his ex-Wife doing the same... must be a rich person thing.

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    Yeah he's remodeling in a manner that basically makes it a near rebuild.  Mainly to stay in a gated community away from the papparazzi.  Good for him and the family I say.


    thomas alston iii
    This is a big step in the evolution of the Bubba brand (from country to Country Club).

    -ICONs for All

    Which makes wonder where they are going to put the critters.


    Only specs in a house I need is a place to hide


    Nice neighborhood..He'll have a great time raising a family there.


    I'd have that house fumigated for several things.....  LOL