Rory might not play in Olympics


    Lastest on the Rory watch, is he may not play in the Olympics.


    seems like he could be in a no win situation if he chooses one country over the other....


    Not a big deal in my opinion!


    No way he misses it. Still plenty of time to make decision. I promise he will show up

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    How about playing for the country of your birth? Seems like most of the instances where we see Olympic athletes play for another country other than their birth they do so because they couldn't make the team in their sport in their "home" country...Clearly, Rory would make the cut whichever country he represents.

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    He would be better off opting not to play as he would end up in a loose/loose situation. Unfortunately he would upset a lot of people if he chose to play for GB and vice versa if he played for Ireland.