TPC of Boston, upcoming changes to course


    On the 18th hole, we will be re-shaping the green approach.  A very large boulder that is currently covered in the approach will be removed and the area will be re-graded.  This will allow for shots that are hit into this approach area to have a better chance of releasing towards and onto the green, rather than being deflected towards the bunker or bent grass green surrounds.

    Tom Brodeur (Golf Course Sup) will also be raising a basin that is left of the fairway pot bunker and the grass will be converted from rough to fairway.  The goal is to improve the ability for a player to lay up left of the pot bunker by adding approximately 8 to 9 yards of additional fairway grass, also giving a better angle for a player's third shot into the 18th green.

    On hole #1, we will be converting the current championship tee into a practice putting green.  The new championship tee will be constructed left of the current tee.

    *The addition of the practice green near the 1st tee, in my opinion, is to speed up pace of play.  For those of you who have not had the opportunity to play or see the course, the 1st tee is a good 1/2mile away from the clubhouse and rest of the practice facilities.


    I remember that boulder. hope it makes your course better.

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    One of my favorite courses.  Can't wait to see the improvements when they are done.


    Brian - trying to picture the 1st hole from the tournament...I presume that the order they play in the Deutsche Bank is the same as the members, right?  So the tee would be closer to the fairway coming back?


    I've never been fortunate enough to play there, but I did have the good luck to get tickets to the DBC.  I don't really remember the 1st hole, but I definitely remember the 18th.  I hope the improvements help and thanks for the updates

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    Never played here, but it sounds as if these changes will most benefit the amateur golfers playing at TPC Boston. Does anyone know how the TPC system operates? In other words, who pays for these improvements? Does the course pay for these changes out of its cash flow from daily play? Is TPC Boston a semi-private facility? Public facility?


    They do play the tournement in the same order.  The 1st hole is left of the clubhouse down the path.  It is a pretty straight par 4 with bunker on left, right and in front of the green.  I am pressuming they will place the tee box closer to the 2nd hole, the par 5 coming back and make is a slight dog-leg.  

    I haven't been over there to see the progress but will see if I can shoot over there this weekend and snap a picture or two.


    The TPC is owned and operated as a group.  I believe there are almost 30 TPC's across the country.  In some cases the tour will assist in some costs, but I believe the facility itself is responsible to bear the costs, not 100% sure I am right here, but will ask next time I am over there.  The TPC of Boston is a private facility, but does have full recipricals with all other TPC's.