Best round of the year?

Best round of the year?

    I'm here in Las Vegas for a few days. A friend met me at a course yesterday and we played in a windy day (up to 32mph) at a local course and I shot 77. While that's not anything expectacular, it is my low of the year.
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    Congratulations -- year is still young and plenty of season yet to play so I am sure you will beat that.  

    Well done noeldaof that bodes well for the season. I'm trying to get the handicap into single figures this year at a club I joined last year. On holiday at at hotel course in Devon called Highbullen I shot 73 against a SS of 68 with a half set of clubs. Now if I can just rid myself of the competition gremlins I believe single figures is an achievable target. I think the key is to relax and enjoy.
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    Wow great round Fred!!  10 birdies is pretty awesome.  My best birdie round is a 6 birdie round where I started poorly but caught a hot putter late and managed a "way to high" 74.  (For 6 birdies that is.)  My best round is still a 69 I shot in 2006 with 3 birdies on front and 2 bogeys on back for a -1 round of 69.  The closest I've ever been to a clean no bogey scorecard.  

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    You guys all make me jealous :)  My best round isn't even in the 80s!  (yet).

    Thats why I love this game though.  Tons of room for improvement and I can see it happening!  Just need to turn that corner.  Great rounds folks.  Keep em goin!

    Loving the game is the important thing etakmit. The professional keeps reminding me that the most important shot is the one you are playing. Also it's best to play percentage golf. Go for the centre of the green rather than the pin and when in trouble in the trees hit a chip back onto the fairway and then try chip close and putt out rather than going for a Sunday best through the trees that Seve Ballasteros would have struggled to play. Before you know it you'll be in the 80's and lower.