"Relaxed" Rules of Golf

"Relaxed" Rules of Golf


    I know not everyone here is a fan of Matty G, and I am certainly not a fan of Charlie Rhymer's, but these Relaxed Rules of Golf they suggested most amateurs follow for their weekend games make a lot of sense.  They're not out to change the official Rules, or change the way you play in a compeition, but make it more enjoyable, especially for new golfers. Here's a link to PGA.com with the video from Golf Channel.


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    Our "regular" foursome  pretty much use these rules with the exception that maximum score is 3 over rather than two over. We call 3 over  a " Catani"  in honor of one of our group  who  makes frequent use of the 3 over rule. These rules accomplish two things: A)  our foursome  is at an age where  slowing up the round could mean one of us  may  not live long enough to finish and  B) The rules give us more opportunities to needle each other which we do do with regularity.

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    I agree with all proposed tweaks in rules to help speed of play. How will they affect handicaps though?

    #8 Loss of ball is penalty enough................Willie Nelson

    I saw these on Instagram. I agree almost completely. The point of playing golf is to have fun. I think these rules allow for more fun without taking away from spirit of the game.

    Many of these are already used by a good number of casual golfers.  A local FB group I am part of had a good discussion of this.  The one rule that we all seemed to agree with is #2 as it saves significant time and effort for a non-tournament, non-money round.


    I think they should be even more liberal.  Very painful behind some who think they are on TV.

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    Rules ....we don't need no stinking rules. There is no need for scores or winners, only peer approval for having tried.

    Try that next time you have to pay a Nassau.


    I agree with all proposed tweaks in rules to help speed of play. How will they affect handicaps though?

    These rules are for casual fun rounds, not for posting rounds for handicap purposes. Or for competitions.


    Concerning rule number one, there is such a rule for those who have a USGA handicap and are concerned about moving play along on bad holes.  After you reach the allowable max score pick it up and move on.   I adjust my handicap accordingly for when posting my scores.  If I have a 8 on a par 5, I post a 7.  But on the otherhand, if I have a 7 on a par three, I post a 7, with my 11 handicap.  It all balances out over a period of time and USGA endorses it.  

    Equitable Stroke Control Chart

    Handicap                   Maximum Score

    0-9                               Double Bogey

    10-19                                  7

    20-29                                  8

    30-39                                  9

    40 or more                         10


    Does this mean Toe Wedges are fashionable in nonmoney rounds?

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    I agree about the rules stated above and the game of golf is still too stinking slow.  They say the majority of the golfers that play can't break 100 so why try to keep score like a Tour Pro and make yourself miserable?  

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    My regular golf buddies and I have played these rules for years. Occasionally someone will hit a provisional but we don't spend a lot of time searching for lost balls. Hence, we're all getting much better with remembering a land marker knowing the search area is going to be limited based on time. We don't concede putts for eagle or birdies. If there is a SKIN or outright winner needed then the hole is finished by the player with the chance to win outright. Ways we've found to keep play moving is to be prepared when its your turn to hit. *(Using a phone GPS App for hole overview and general distance), walking up with several clubs to avoid trips to the cart *(If I'm on the fringe and can't determine the approach I'll bring my 60 degree wedge, 7 iron, 9 iron, and putter along with a wet towel to clean off the golf ball before putting. I'm a high handicap and no one ever complains because I'm never making them wait on me...even if i do take a lot more strokes. Speed of play can be accomplished by common sense. Don't add your scorecards while waiting to drive off the green. It slows the group that has been waiting to hit up and you can do that as your group is teeing off. You know it takes time to determine club, put your glove on, grab a tee, maybe use the ball cleaner, bathroom, practice swing, etc... People just need to use common sense and play should pick up.


    ThrowdartsI agree with all proposed tweaks in rules to help speed of play. How will they affect handicaps though?

    These rules are for casual fun rounds, not for posting rounds for handicap purposes. Or forĀ competitions.

    And I think this is one of the big problems.  I don't know the percentages, but I would guess quite a large percentage of golfers have and keep a handicap.  Because of this, they play each round like it's a big money tournament.  This is why, I think, the USGA needs to step in and make some rules adjustments.  Those rules are great and will speed up play, but if only 10% of golfers use them, it's pointless.


    The bottom line is golf is about fun.  If you're not playing in a tournament then there's no need to protect the field.  If everyone in your group agrees on a rule then by all means play by it.  A lot of clubs have local rules, for instance some places play the ball 'up' and some let you remove stones from a bunker etc...

    We do the leaf rule with my group in the New England fall.  If I really had to go back to the tee to hit a ball that's most likely 2 yards off the fairway golf wouldn't be much fun and would take a lot longer.