Vacay and the 4th...

Vacay and the 4th...


    Last day in this office as I'm heading East for a few days of R&R combined with the 4th of July holidays. Going to be great.

    Just a quick note to wish all my friends here in the FJC a great holiday time. Enjoy some links (on course and on the grill), some quality family time, and taking in some good old Americana in your community.

    See you next week! Happy 4th!


    Two important things for you Randy......1.  Be Safe  2.  Have fun......  Plan on spending the 4th with my baby brother of 64, who is coming in tomorrow from Knoxville for a visit, no golf, just family time, good food and some fishing on the pier....cheers....chuck  


    Hanging around home for the 4th.  Just got back from a trip to GA to visit with one of my daughters and her family--and to enjoy a bit of FJA golf with Bruce Holley and Freddy Closs (see the thread FJA Outing in Atlanta).  Plan on golf Wed-Fri, then a tournament on Sunday.  Stay safe everyone.  Fingers are useful in golf.

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    Enjoy your 4th holidays gentlemen, and to all the FJC members.  My wife and kids left for Philly this morning to visit her family.  I'll have a very quiet week around the house.  At least I'll be able to get in plenty of golf this weekend.

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    I hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth. We just spent two weeks golfing on Cape Cod  with great weather and before the crowds show up.. Unfortunately the weather for the 4th could be a problem and there is a possibility of a tropical storm hitting us on The New England coast in the next few days. Time to break out my Dry Joy duds.

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    I too hope all in the Community have a safe and happy 4th of July. We will attend our annual community parade on the morning of the fourth and then off to the beach with the clan and a clambake to follow. My wife's brother and wife and seven kids are in town as well as a cousin and her daughter visiting from Sweden...A glorious time for all indeed! I will post photos after the parade..

    As for golf, well, I may have to wait for a work golf date before I hit the links..!!!



    Travel safe and enjoy the fun your vacay brings!

    We'll be keeping it simple and play a few rounds over the holiday weekend and be with the family.

    Fireworks are banned in our neighboring area- highly restricted because of the dried brush and heat, but there will be fireworks show in town.  If the wind's not blowing too hard, we could be in for a treat.


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    Enjoy everyone!! Shooting for 3 rounds and a lot of nice time with the family.


    They are doing a big fireworks display in the Charleston harbor off of a barge and you can watch them from the Charleston County Waterfront Pier in Mt Pleasant with bands for residents or on the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier at Patriots Point normally it something to watch.....they also normally do displays at Isle of Palms and Sullivans we are surrounded by fireworks and seems like everyone shoots them in our communities....those fireworks turn my wife into a little giddy girl......TNT does a big business truly understand Independence day, once you have lived in a foreign country.....cheers FJC and be safe...   :-)


    Sounds like a lot of fun 4th of July plans.  Have fun to all and safe travels to those who will be away from home.

    For me, playing an early round on Thursday and then spending time with the family all weekend.  I have a big golf tournament all next week in California, so a long weekend hanging out my wife and kiddos (with no golf) goes a long way in keeping the family happy and tolerant of my golf excursions!


    Everyone have a safe and fun Independence Day.  As for me- we've got a red, white and blue tournament in the morning.  It's a two man best ball where you play alternating tees (red, white, and blue).  They give you a few drivable par 4's, with some tough pins to keep things fun.  After that it's off to Boston for the fireworks.


    Family, Friends, Fireworks, and Zirkle Coconut Cake.

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    No plans here.  Have to work Thursday.  Fri - Sun we have no plans.  Our vacations are at the end of this month and mid August (we take a few shorter vacations weds - sun type trips).  

    Should get some golf in and I'm sure local plans will materialize.  Everyone be safe and have a great time with friends and family!


    Family, Friends, Fireworks, and Zirkle Coconut Cake.

    I resemble that remark, you flatter my family......cheers D2


    happy 4th to you all, and happy Canada Day to my brothers tot he north!