Titleist Trial Event

Titleist Trial Event


    Team Titleist was Rivertowne Country Club, Mount Pleasant, SC today for a trial event.  Met with the local Sales Representative and tried the new SM5 wedges and looked at the Scotty putters.  My new chrome 56.10 W will be here in about two weeks.  Tried a couple and this one performed extremely well wth most shots in the sweet spot delivering a nice high soft shot to the green.   Think it was the K grind......Sales Rep had the Tan and Burgandy Professional FJ City Shoes.....of course we compared notes.....


    Cool stuff Chuck...thanks for sharing your great experience

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    My course had Titleist demo day last week and I was there the whole time.  I think I hit everything they brought with them in one form or another.  And I did a fitting for irons and got it figured out on what I need to order.  Was a dang good time and I look forward to some more hitting and fitting int he future.

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    We have a number of Demo days coming up and I'm going to try to hit the Titleist one at my club.  Great report Chuck!

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    Does that mean you bought a couple of new wedges?


    Right on, Chuck... sounds like a great first hand experience!

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    Have fun with the new 56!

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    Wow that's awesome, was it open to the public?


    Wow that's awesome, was it open to the public?

    Their trial events are open to the public....object is to sell Titleist clubs.......he was also showing all the new Scotty Cameron putters as well......did not even test drive one.......only purchased a new sand wedge.....only thing I needed at this time....wanted a new driver but the 915s will not be out till later in the year......

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    Pretty cool chuck I just picked up a 54 in the black nickel and it looks pretty slick!!