Lucky Me!

Lucky Me!

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    I was fortunate enough to be selected as one the winner in the chance to win a new HydroLite weather jacket.  I have to say, this is by far the nicest rain jacket I have ever put on.  Not to mention, they also included a pair of new compression socks and 6 silicon bracelets.  One of which I was actually able to keep after my kids scooped them all up.

    Well done FJ, keep up the great product lines!!


    Hi Ayres13, welcome to the community and congrats on your win! I'm sure you'll find you'll like all FJ products.

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    congrats.  stick around the FJC and enjoy.  

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    Ayres13 -  congrats! You'll soon be wishing for rain. Look forward to your feedback once it's put into action.

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    How cool (and dry!) is that Ayers13?! Take a photo and show us your new gear!! Congratulations and welcome to the FJ Community..


    Hi, Great win. Show us some pics of your sweet jacket. Welcome to the community :)

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    Good to be you.

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    Congrats on the win and welcome to the community!

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    Congrats and welcome!   Wear it proud!!

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    Congrats on the win.  Welcome to the community.  A lot of great people here.

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    Congrats!  And welcome to the FJC.  Stick around and meet some interesting characters :)





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    Good for you. Pretty cool to get goodies on your doorstep.


    Congratulations and welcome to the FJ Community!