2014 Golf Goals

2014 Golf Goals


    What are the goals of the FJC in 2014? We just had a meeting about goals for my college team and thought I would get the input of the community.



    Mike, I think a lot of us have already posted comments along this line in the Masters Shoes contest on the blog.  I know, how you plan to improve this year isn't exactly the same a setting goals, but it's as close as a lot of us get to doing this with our golf.  I would love to be able to tell you that my goal for the year is to lower my handicap by two or three index points, but I haven't set such a goal.  I do intend to play in more competitions this year, primarily to test myself under the pressure of competition set ups and conditions.  Last time I did that was 7 years ago, with mixed success.  I'm older now, and play a lot more golf, so I want to improve under competitive situations.  That means improving my chipping, pitching, sand play, and especially putting stats.  I'll be working with my swing coach to do that.  So I guess those are my goals this year.

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    Better chipping / pitching are my goals. This is keeping me from shooting in the 80's consistently. I can't get the feel for chipping. I know the mechanics. I'm either short or over. I practice every time I go to the range.


    Of course Mike. As I have previously stated, my main goal is to tip the Beverage Maidens in a good way, compelling them to visit my group more frequently.

    And to continue to maintain my handicap over 2014.....


    I have three goals heading into this year.  First, play more golf.  Second, take my 2 year old daughter along for at least one round.  And third, have as much fun as possible.  If I can accomplish goals one and two, three should take care of itself.

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    More consistent ball striking. Less flying elbow. Smoother tempo. More golf with my son.

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    Beat my brother in one tournament this coming season is my only goal.  

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    I dropped about four points off of my handicap last year (went from 28ish to 23.9).

    I started off the season shooting scores that denoted a much bigger drop.  Mid season though I picked up a case of the pulls.  And instead of going to my instructor to fix it, I just fought through it figuring I'd be able to sort it out myself.

    This winter I decided I was going to fix it properly.  So I've been taking lessons this winter.  Also had the wife taking lessons.

    My first goal this year is to drop about 10 strokes from my handicap.  It might be an aggressive goal, but I know I can make the shots I just need consistency.

    Secondly I want to see the wife's game round into shape.  The better she plays, the more she enjoys it (who doesn't?) and if she enjoys it, the more I play!

    Lastly I intend to take up clubmaking and fitting.  So this summer will be dedicated to learning also!

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    Play more golf. With eleven and six year old boys, divergent athletic interests (golf sporadically pops up as an interest) work that keeps me driving between CT and Cape Cod, I have little time the past ocuple of years - I look enviously upon those in the community who play more in a month than I do in a year! Maybe this year I will be able to get out more often with work...

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    Goal: Practice more. I need to hit it straighter off the tee

    Goal 2: mental game. not get so discouraged over a bad hole or 2

    Goal 3: enjoy each and every round more than the one before, regardless of play.