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2014 Community Only : Limited Edition MyJoys Sweepstakes!

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    I am hopeful that I will be able to spend my time practicing more effectively. As Tiger Woods was emerging as a young talent, his coach had a specific methodology for practice involving how one works through various irons and woods. I want to develop my practice routine into a more structured program. And I too will focus on overall fitness, working to build core strength and flexibility.

    finally, this may the year I take out a membership at one of the many semi-private courses in the area to take advantage of more opportunities to practice on course rather than at the range..

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    I am going to enjoy the game more and look for proper ball flight and trajectory.  I am not going to worry about score. Last summer, I just worried about score and I got very frustrated.  I need to just work on doing the things I need to do on each shot, not be consumed by the tally of those shots.  One shot at a time!!


    This years's plan is to work on two things: 1) fitness (lot's of luck with this one) and 2) middle irons.

    Need to try to get the number back to PLUS!


    1. First I scheduled my hand surgery in November to give me plenty of time to recover. Thanks to the lack of Global warming in the Midwest this Winter, I could have played longer this fall and waited until January.

    2. I am practicing putting indoors on a variety of flooring to keep sharp until I can get out and swing

    3. Already working on short game lessons for the spring

    4. What may be most important for me, I am working on core conditioning and stretching, One of the things that has limited both my ability but also my practice time has been bulging disks in my lower back. Better preparation, conditioning and routine stretching should improve both the quality but the quantity of time I can spend practicing and playing.


    I plan to get out and play or practice more consistently.  Hopefully with my daughter being 2 1/2 this summer, she will be able to come with me some of the time, thus giving me more "golf time" during the summer.


    I need to make sure I am committed to the shot I am going to hit before I step in to make that happen. No changing my mind while standing at the ball ready to play. Better concentration over every shot will help as well. And practice, practice, practice!

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    1. Practice

    2. Practice

    3. Practice

    4. Lots of Mulligan's


    I am focused on improving my putting as well as ability to work the ball off the tee.  It seems like these two areas will make the greatest difference to my overall scores so lessons are in my future plus a lot of hard work!


    Have new irons for this season and will soon get new wedges.

    I have a new training / fitness program to help me increase strength and improve flexibility.

    Plan to drop the 2 hndcp even further.



    Oh I forgot one!

    I plan to drink more heavily after bad shots so I'm better able to handle the disappointment of a blown up round.

    And I plan to tip the cart girls better this year.


    My plans are to not worry so much about score as each year I realize my abilities diminish.  In the past I would frequently comment to myself or others....."I used to be able to hit that shot when I was young".  Well, I'm not young any more and I haveto realize that the game is supposed to be fun instead of a grind.  I began that attitude later in the year last season, and I began enjoying my play much more.  This year should be lots more fun with this attitude!

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    I am going to get fit for wedges.


    I focused a lot of my offseason to fitness, and fundamentals.  I have been trying to work on long muscle strength, flexibility, and conditioning.  On the fundamental side, I worked a lot on swing plane, putting set up, and being able to technically hit a variety of shots.  The other thing I have done is read a few great books on the mental aspect of things.


    This contests goes in harmony with everything for my golf this year and its future.

    With summer just around the corner, there are many games I'd like to be in.

    Championship at the club, including a golf outing to play an Alister MacKenzie's Pasatiempo, and a few other courses along the coast...

    Most of the guys I'll be with are much younger and they all love to walk more so than I do.

    So, together with physical fitness, organic food regimen intakes, I'll be following a complete program in the golf academy that I'm in.  Most of it at the moment are comprised of short games, approaches will follow and then the long game.

    There is nothing more fulfilling than working the whole package for a golf game, but I do wish I'm just younger and stronger.  In any case, another way of looking at all these efforts are to have the maximum fun and enjoyment with friends.

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    My goals for this year are:

    1.Be more relaxed on the course and let things flow more naturally and not try to force shots.

    2..Improve my putting. I put an indoor putting green in my basement this winter, great move with all the snow and cold weather       here in Central PA, so I am looking for a big improvement with the putter.  

    3.Dropped from an 13 handicap to an 8  last year thanks to some new Titleist equipment in the bag. Looking forward to trying to get it down to a 5 by the end of the year and qualifying for the first flight in my club championship.  

    4. Invest in more great FJ gear.

    PS: Similar to Chuck my 35 year high school reunion is in June 2014.  Donegal High School (Fighting Indians) School Colors: Green and White