Ben Crane

Ben Crane


    Our friend Ben has some new videos out. They aren't on his site yet, but I found this on Golf Digest's Facebook page: 


    Reminds me of mine some days….

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    He definitely likes to enjoy himself, he knows he is lucky to be on tour and has fun with it.


    Ben Crane has it rough haha


    Aaaannnddd . . .Ben Crane putting:


    Chris, after the round I had on the course today, I really needed a good laugh, this is the shot in the arm I needed...thanks!!!!!

    Ben Crane is a hoot........

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    Love this goofy!

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    Love this goofy!

    He does some weird stuff...except when he's playing; very different personality.

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    I appreciate his sense of personality...but shouldn't he focus on his game? Ben's game has slipped a bit as of late.

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    It does seem his game has slipped as of late, hopefully it will swing up again.  Only 2 top 10's last year and 1 so far this year.  I love to see his videos and he seems like the kind of guy you would enjoy hanging out with.


    I absolutely love BC.  He's hilarious and love that he enjoys life like he does.  

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    I agree he should focus more on his game and get that back in shape -- then have all the fun doing comedy he wants if not he may soon be forgotten.