Winter solstice

Winter solstice

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    Whew. Winter solstice is behind us. We gain 27 minutes of daylight in Dallas in the month of January. More time to squeeze a round.


    Mark, that is about two more holes of golf, depending on the weather, after you get off work........we tee off at 730 every morning so this does not help us much.....only if you could ship us some warm weather.......they are putting in a new irregation system and we have to play an hour earlier so they can adjust the tees times.....they are doing one side at a time.....which means playing nines twice for a least it will give the crew time to do some needed repairs on the traps and tee boxes......

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    My golfing friends looked a me quizically when I said the best day this December was the 22nd? When they asked why, I told them we will now gain minutes every day, and the spring is on its way..

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    The days are getting longer.... more golf to come!  I agree that the 22nd is one of the best days on the calendar as we turn the corner.


    It's always nice looking at the bright side!

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    Hopefully us in the New England area will be out from under this cold/snow soon!