"While we are young" campaign

"While we are young" campaign

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    This seems to have quietly gone away.


    Hi Mark!

    I think it's still there.

    It was a good thing that a promotion started it.

    But now it's up to us.

    It's a player responsibility.

    Happy New Year!



    Mark, agree with noel....now it's up to us.....it is still out there and I read about it every now and then on the golf channel site......not a lot more can be said about it, other than let's make it work.....played in a slow group yesterday.....boring....not quite a sloth, but close......everyone always comes up to me afterwards and says your group played slow and I always say, "tell the person who plays slow".....that is how we stop slow play.....response "well we don't want to hurt his feelings".....am I too always be the bad guy....it is a true catch 22....

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    It'll probably come back during spring and summer. I agree, we as players, are responsible to speed up play. But unfortunately, there are a very large number of players who slow down the game so much it backs up somtimes at least two groups behind them. Example: Playing from the black/blue tees when they should play from the more forward tees. Not playing ready golf. Another example: Spending more than five minutes looking for a lost ball. Example: both balls are struck about the same distance. One to the right and one to the left. Instead of getting out and assessing their lie, they sit in the cart until one partner hits, THEN getting out of the cart, walking over to the ball, assessing the distance, then walking back to the cart spending a minute or so deciding what club to hit, then walking up to the ball, taking a couple of practice swings, then hitting. In the meantime two groups are backed up. It does happen a lot. I'm not a long hitter, so when I figure the front group is safely out of range I tee up and hit. That gives time for the group to move,up, then the longer hitters in my group hit. That hopefully speeds up olay. Ready golf and consideration for other players. Another rule we use. When possible, let the faster players play through. Now that I got that off my chest. Happy New Year to all.


    Ad campaigns usually have an end date; the ad gurus decide how long it should run so that it's long enough to interest people but not so long that they tire of it. That said, it's still up to all of us to keep things moving.

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    And golf season is pretty much done for the year. I'm sure it will start up in the spring.

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    Also this has been the holiday break on GC wait till they are really back and not filling the airwaves with replays of things.  Also when the tour restarts we may see something again.  More than likely i would bet it will be later in year as a large portion of the country is in the snow deep freeze.  And no responses from our warm weather FJC members how great it is where they are.  :)