Gary Player interview

Gary Player interview


    Is there a better golfer to hear interviewed than Gary Player?  Just watched his interview on Mike and Mike and it was great.  He's a great story teller and really says things that make you think.

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    I completely agree! I have a high school pal who photographed Mr. Player a number of years ago and said he was a non-stop font of golfing information and enthusiasm. Player exhorted my friend to play a hybrid back when these clubs wee first coming onto the scene. My friend took it to heart and I will never forget my first swipe with hybrid. What a thing of beauty! Bog yards and far higher flight and softer landing..on the green instead of 3 iron in the pond fronting the green!!

    the game ha no better an ambassador..even if he doesn't play Titleist equipment!!!


    Long ago Gary Player used and endorsed Shakespheare Golf Equipment. The shafts I always felt were discarded fishing rods.How he won with that stuff always amazed me. Plus Shakespeare had golf balls that were like playing with rocks. Methinks Shakespeare should have stuck with fishing and writing plays.


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    I've always like Gary Player because he exudes class.  That was further confirmed by a great story my instructor, Bill, told me about him.  Years ago, Bill was on tour and in an event Gary Player.  Gary and his wife end up at lunch with Bill and his wife, having never met before.  They had a nice lunch and Gary's wife took Bill's wife shopping that afternoon.

    The next day, Bill is on the putting green and Gary sees him.  Gary walked over, shakes Bill's hand and says, "Bill, I just wanted to tell you how nice of an afternoon I had at lunch with you and my wife really enjoyed the afternoon of shopping with yours.  Best of luck to you in the tournament."  All class.  

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    I couldn't agree with you more. Gary Player is a true gentleman. It seems all the South African golfers have learned a lot from him. With all of the fame, money, and adoration, they seem to be quite humble and grounded. I imagine Ernie has had something to do with that as well, but of course, he was heavily influenced by Player too.


    I could listen to him talk for days. I wish I had the pleasure of his time like the pros do.

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    He does give a great interview -- honest, opinionated, pleasant. The recent one on was quite good:


    Mr Player is a real gentleman and true stewart for the game of golf and believed in fitness before it was truly poplar on the tour.  An orator I could listen to for days without getting bored.  


    The Black Knight is one of my fav's!




    I haven't been able to see much footatge of him playing but he won 7 Australian Opens along with all the Majors and other victories around the world.

    Have always loved his enthusiasm and outlook and love hearing his thoughts on all things golf and golf course design.

    Can't reaaly recall anyone in golf having a bad word to say about him!

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    What an amazing man, one of the most positive individuals you will ever hear speak besides being one of the great players ever to put the peg in the ground.

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    Love it!  He's great for the game and it's wonderful to be able to read/hear what he has to say!