Memorable Round

Memorable Round

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    I was reading Pete's post about the Pastor at Pinehurst and wanted to share a experience I had recently.

    I arrived at the starter before my round and was informed he had me paired with a couple of guest and that one of them was 93 and wondered if I objected. It was a Sunday and slow anyway  so I told him it was fine. I introduced myself and the son told me checked his dad out of a nursing home for the day to play golf.

    For 93 "Joe" hit the ball really straight although his son and I took turns lining him up Joe was having a great time. I found out he had been in the Battan Death March in WWII and was speechless. I will never forget the experience..  

    When I thanked him for his service he responded," they paid me".

    Whats your most memorable round this year?

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    Wow! What a pairing GolfGuy! For the younger players in the FJC, please take a moment to read about this event that occurred early in WWII with the largest US forces surrender ever to occur in a war. Approximately 72,000 troops, Americans and Filipinos on the Philippine peninsula of Bataan were force marched 60 miles through the jungle by their Japanese captors to a POW base. With no food or water thousands died on this march. One of the many horrific episodes during that war...There aren't many men and women who served in this war left from this time...


    My memorable round? PLaying with one of my high school classmates after a 42 year hiatus! We had a lovely time reminiscing and playing reasonably good golf on a late fall day here on Cape Cod.. 


    Nothing that can compare to your experience GolfGuy...thats a real WOW event.


    Really GolfGuy... I can't touch that story. The closes I can come was at the FJA gathering in Sept. That was a great 2 days for me.

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    GolfGuy that is an awesome experience.  Thank you very much for sharing!


    Same here Sammy.  Glad to meet several other FJA's, but I think that one tops them all!