Video your own best shots in real time

Video your own best shots in real time


    Here's a new gadget for you -- Pivotheads Video Glasses. Use them to record every shot, or to analyze your golf swing, Would you use them?

    Wish you had that amazing putt, chip or drive on video? The chances someone recorded it with their iPhone or camera is very unlikely.  For instance, while I replay the supreme joy of recently making a 70 foot putt over and over in my head, it would be awesome to have that on video, obviously so I can post to Facebook and brag about it.  The Pivotheads video glasses make this possible.

    Another way to use the amazing product is to work on your golf swing.  There are other cameras out there that do this but require having another hold them, distracting that person away from their own game.  Now essentially the other person just has to look at you while your swinging for you to see if anything needs to be corrected.

    Available in a few colors and models, the most popular is the chameleon, unfortunately also sold out.  Not just fake glasses, included are polarized Sunglass lenses. Connect Pivotheads to any computer and Mobile phone with the App that can configure video recording and image capture settings, download files, and more

    Cool specs include 1080p and 30fps with a 720p, 60fps setting, Auto, Bright, or Dim Exposure Options, customizable capture settings, 8 megapixel photos (same as iPhone) with time lapse and burst sequences up to 16 photos. View the entire collection or to purchase visit sunglasses

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    Just turn them off before you enter the locker room!


    Hmm. Interesting concept. But "helmet cams" are always so bouncy and all over the place. I'm not sure how you would get a useful video. Or you have to buy them and get someone else to wear them. Why not just have them hold your phone and record?

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    I have used a helmet cam while snow skiing. It takes a while to get used to skiing with it understand how to get usable footage and a whole ot of editing. Using a camera like this for putting would be Ok; full swing probably not.

    Cool concept though.


    This seems to do the same thing as the GoPro, only easier to use given the sunglasses mount. I'd like to see a live demo using it for golf before spending that kind of money. It would be great for videos of what the wearer sees while doing about anything.

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    Looks like a really neat product, but still appears to be in the late development stages after reviewing their website a bit.  Once it was proven, it would be a neat product to use for recording for a lot of different sports / activities.  Seems much easier to use than a helmet cam and much more flexible for various applications.


    Neat idea that may give Go Pro a run for its money on the golf course.


    I made a 70 foot putt the other day that I would love to have got on video.

    Sounds like a pretty cool idea to me.