Decision criteria for changing golf clubs.

Decision criteria for changing golf clubs.

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    I am pretty much on the 2010 Titleist line right now and do not feel the need to change. I would like the 913's but in time. Putters have become a Scotty carousel lately betweent he Red X and Kombi, but I don't mind rotating putters.


    I do not change clubs as ofter as most people do.  If I see a club that catches my eye and I try it and it feels good and the results are positive, I will purchase it, if it is a Titleist....I am very comfortable with my setup that I have....I feel positive that the new drivers that are coming out next October will be in my bag....probably a 915D2 10.5......I have moved UP to Titleist over the past few years and am real happy with the positive end profile can support that claim......

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    I continue to update my equipment based upon technology which I validate through a proper fitting experience.  Just finished my fitting for the 714 AP1's I ordered to replace my 712's.  Very Fun!

    I have always enjoyed having the recent equipment for what ever sport/activity I participate in.


    For me once a new Titleist driver comes out, I get it!

    A three wood can stay in the bag for years, same with a hybrid.  Find something you can hit straight and always have it in there!

    Irons can stay in my bag for years, often 4-6! I am still playing the 710 CM MB, they do however need a checkup at the loft and lie doctor.

    Wedges need replaced every year.

    As for the short stick, there might as well be a revolving door on my bag, shot even par with 3 different Scotty's this year.  However my latest setup, a Golo S with a SuperStroke may have some staying power.

    It sure helps if you can go downstairs to the Acushnet company store...I would buy a new driver every year too. LOL!


    Change my driver every couple years.  Balls are constantly being changed to maximize the latest driver.  Fairway and hybrid stay several years.  Irons about 3 years depends on groove wear.  Use to change irons every year.  Play and practice and would wear the grooves out.  Wedges need to be changed every year.  Now putters may last a month or two, you only have so many good putts in them and then they need to be replaced to get another load of good putts.


    Very interesting thoughts and comments.

    Some of you obviously play a lot more that I do and as a player rather than a  practicer simply can't comprehend wearing out grooves ... maybe there is a message somewhere in that ... and I have had the same set of Ping Eye 2 + wedges since the 1990s changeover. Sure, there are plenty of scratches on the clubface and they do play havoc with my Pro V1*s from time to time but they still spin as good as they ever have.

    I pretty much used the same set of clubs for years but over the last few years have pretty much upgraded all my gear to get into the 21st Century and really have only ever used maybe half a dozen putters over 35 years.


    I err on the keep-it side of things.  I initially used my grandfather's hand-me-down clubs.  Bought a set of used woods when in high school.  Added department store irons a few years later when I had some cash.  Bought my first full set, not fitted, while stationed in Berlin in 1968.  In the 70's I bought a set of aluminum-shafted Hagen woods.  I was fitted for a second full set in 1973, purchasing the latest investment cast irons and a set of matching woods.  Those stayed in play until the mid-80's, when I had a set of persimmon head woods made for me by a fellow officer and picked up a set of Ram Tour Grind Axial irons.  Those stayed in the bag until just before I went overseas in the 90's and I replaced the woods with metals purchased at a golf show.  When I came back from overseas in 2000, I had a local club maker fit and make me a set of graphite shafted irons, a driver, and a 3-metal.  I purchased a few mail order drivers, one of which I still use, to replace and update the custom built driver.  I had to replace the irons when I broke one just prior to playing in the first of a series of tournaments in 2007, going to a local big box golf store for them.  I finally broke down, was properly fitted for, and purchased my AP-2 712 irons, 910h, and Vokey wedges in Dec 2011.  I would love to grab a set of 714s and shift to a Titleist driver and 3-metal, but fixed income makes that difficult.  Short answer is I replace my clubs when I need to or have spare course credit or cash.  I have been using the same Acushnet Bullseye putter since 1968, though I have tried out a few others over the years and keep returning to the Bullseye.


    If cost was not object. I would probably change my driver and wedges every year. Right now it's about twice as long.


    Must be getting cold in the KC area.  Lawton is back to posting.  haha



    Great question and great responses so far, thanks for bringing this up Mark. So as many people have mentioned cost is a factor of course. However, many of us (myself included) can get clubs at deep discounts (I cannot hook people up per NCAA rules but there are people in the forums who can).

    For me it's all about performance since I can get pretty much any clubs at cost (my bag is all Titlest but my hybrid, can't seem to get it out of the bag). I switched my driver and 3 wood this year to the 913 but I spent less for both than most spend on just the driver, with custom shafts. I believed the performance difference warrented the change for me. However, I have the 910 AP2s and I doubt I will replace them just for the fact that I stripe them and I know what they are going to do.

    I am lucky that distance isn't a concern in my game so I don't have to consider clubs that add distance but I know that is a factor for some and that topic hasn't come up yet. The technology is making the game playable for so many more people and its wonderful but it comes at a cost $$$. My dad for example is a 10 handicap if he gets to play as much as he wants but he plays will all of my old clubs (not kidding, everything in is bag used to be mine but his putter.) In my opinion he shouldnt be playing the shafts in those clubs but due to the cost  he just cant afford clubs fit for him. Granted, he plays just fine with them but he could save some strokes with his own clubs and not my hand-me-downs.


    For me:  Driver, Fairways - will take a look every year.  Hybirds - every other year maybe.

    Irons -  every two years (although I'm in my second set this year - won new irons in an event).

    Wedges - every year:  Putters -  I have 3 gamers that I bounce around with.

    Shoes - different pair every time out for at least 1 month at a time.

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    I used to tweak my stuff all the time, still do somewhat.  But I realized this year when I took my old irons out for a round that it really is mostly the indian not the arrow.  I play Titleist AP1's and love them.  My previous set was Titleist 822 OS.  Although these were not very popular, I improved my game significantly using them.  My irons (specifically short irons) are the strength of my game.  And while I love my AP1's, I can go back to my old 822's and they feel and perform just as good.  

    I experiment and switch a lot with Drivers, Fairway woods, and hybrids because I am extremely inconsistent, but I won't consider changing irons until they wear out.  Same with Vokey wedges, although they do wear out more frequently.  I typically get new wedges every year, but same models.

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    I usually go 3-4 years with Irons, a new driver every other Year .  The hybrids and woods vary, my 19* I have had longer than any other club, too comfortable with it to replace it.

    When it comes to putters I have one I love which  I will keep as long as possible only changing the super stroke grip every couple years.

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    Great thread. Money is a key factor for me. And second, I like to torment myself by playing clubs that only "work" if I'm amazing ;)  I played a round with tour professional recently and he says...I think it's time you get more forgiving clubs. I jokingly told him that golf is too easy and I need a challenge (and some money); I play Hogan blades. That said, i think my masochist tendencies are nearing the end...some 714's will be in my bag.


    Same patterns as most guys here.  My irons have been in the bag for a while, but that will be changing soon.  Always get the new Titleist drivers, fairway metals and usually hybrids too.  I'll change putters too if I feel like it.  I currently have 5 Camerons, but will trade/sell them at the drop of a hat to get a different one.  I have to fight the inner club ho and horder in me or else I would be collecting and changing putters every week.  I had to seek help in order to back off the Cameron train.   ha, ha.