FJ Community Only : Open Championship Sweepstakes

FJ Community Only : Open Championship Sweepstakes


    It is Open Championship week at the firm and fast, Muirfield Golf Club in Scotland.  Each major has a consistent story to tell, the Masters® has Augusta National, the U.S. Open has narrow fairways and impossible rough, the PGA is always on a big challenging course and the British Open is often defined by the conditions, that can change in an instant without warning.

    In 2002, the last time the Open was held at Muirfield when the weatherman proclaimed gorgeous weather for the weekend. To the dismay of players and spectators alike, out of the clear blue Scottish sky came a storm so violent that it is still the topic of conversation 11 years later. 

    At FJ, our goal is to "Make Everyday Playable" and make storms like those seen in British Open feel like just another round of golf.  We want to know the most extreme conditions you have faced on the golf course.  Be it extreme temperatures, rain, snow, or wind, let us know what they were and how you over came them!

    How do you enter?  Simply reply to this thread and tell us about the most extreme conditions you have experienced on the golf course.

    Two winners will be randomly selected on 07/22/13 and they may choose any DryJoys Tour XP outerwear piece and a pair of RainGrip golf gloves.

    REMINDER : To enter you must have a community profile. If you do not have one, click here to register for the FJ Community -

    Deadline for entry is 12:00 pm ET on 07/21/13.  Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here. 



    knee deep snow and 100 degree temperature


    I played in the RI John P. Burke Memorial event in 2012 and the wind was up and shortly after came the steady rain followed by the down pouring of the rain.  Quickly I slipped into my FJ rain pants and FJ rain jacket and played through it.  After the round, I was changing in the locker room only to find that my shirt and shorts were completely dry.  

    I can honestly say that without my FJ rain gear the round would have been a disaster, but because I had all my FJ gear on, it made every hole playable.

    Thanks FJ!


    Over the years, I have seen a number of things on the golf course. I played the day after Christmas in flurries and wind chills below 0. I have been hailed on, been called off the course for tornadoes within a mile of the course, and I have played hours after severe flooding on my home course.  I have seen where lightning has hit the greens and fairways. I normally play a round on my birthday, which is mid July and is commonly 100 or more degrees with high humidity.  

    Although this did not happen to me, the most extreme condition that I have heard experienced is my brother's father-in-law has been struck by lightning, not once, but twice on golf courses. Needless to say, neither of us will play in a foursome with him...even on a cloudless day.


    Rhode Island CC was pretty wet, haha


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    I played in Richmond, VA about 15 years ago just prior to a hurricane (i think) and made the last flight out with my clubs.  I was actually interviewed on the local news. Had gone out early in the day and knew what was coming but they said I could play until a certain time -- it was actually decent out for a bit but man did it get wicked out there. I think only played about 2 holes after the winds picked up and had a heck of walk back to the club house. The wetness that rolled in was monsoon like and I think it was well before the hard stuff hit.  I was wet down to my bones with my poor excuse for rain gear. Later on I started keeping my motorcycle rain gear jacket/pants in my golf bag. Nowadays I laugh and wonder what the heck I was thinking. I'm a bit more of a fair weather player these days.

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    Worst weather day fo rme  - There have been many but the one that sticks out was a Myrtle Beach trip - last day of a four day golfathon. Playing two rounds and then climbing on a plane to go back to New York City and home. We are playing a morning and afternoon round at the Legends resort. First round in the morning is at the Moorlands course. It was overcast, muggy, and ripe for rain. We got through 16 of the 18 holes in dry-ish weather and then the rain started. We finished the round and went inside to have lunch and watch the weather. The rain poured heavily but without any pyrotechnics. We waited and waited and finally, a break in the weather allowed us to seriously consider playing round two on the Parkland course.  Since we had hours to *** until flight time, I pushed and cajoled and my playing partners agreed to play. I made two strategic purchases at the pro shop before going out  - FJ Rain gloves and a FJ weatherproof pullover. Of course, after hitting our tee shots on the first hole, the heavens re-opened

    and it rained heavily for the next two and a half hours. I accepted my lot in life and with my FJ gear, I could hang onto the clubs and stayed relatively dry! My partners both had miserable experiences and while I let them off the hook as far as bets on the round, I did steamroller them thanks to my rain gloves allowing me to not only hang onto the clubs, but to play well!

    Thanks FJ!

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    45mph winds at St Andrews. You could sneeze and it wouldn't leave your nostrils.


    The FootJoy Ambassador Invitational at RICC last year was pretty extreme.  We finished our complete round through the rain and then dark towards the end.   Was head to toe FJ performance wear and stayed dry the whole day. Did not have the Rain Grip gloves until the 4th hole.  Oh what a difference they made.  Great matches and players through the whole wet experience.



    The Southern California Golf Association has Team Play competition which commences in January.  Our club, along with others are situated in the high desert (pretty close to the Mojave).  Winds up here can typically gust around 30mph at anytime.  It may not snow or rain heavily but there will be some, just enough to wet.  The temperatures could be in the high 30s or low 40s.  Needless to say the wind chill factor could be numbing when these chemistry mix together.

    Many times over, the best and most important item on me were my Titleist mitts to keep my hands warm and my FJ gloves dry.  Without them, my short game would suffer even more.  I also have a pair of FootJoy—GreenJoys shoes that are wider and a half inch more than my size so I can wear more than just one pair of socks during our winter.  I've doubled and sometimes even tripled and feel proud of it.  Those shoes have been one of my best tools to keep me dry—waterproof!

    I missed Team Play last season as I was away in South East Asia.  I’ve also just been a member here in the FJC since April 2012.  But now that I’ve learned many products and gears here in the FJC, I will be even more prepared for all the upcoming Team Play events. . . . “IN STYLE AND COMFORT!!!”

    Thank you so very much, FootJoy and its Community.


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    High 40's and wet, not fun!!


    RICC last year was probably the most extreme I've played in.  finally conceded to Maria's pleas and put on my rain gloves on the 5th hole (I never wear gloves when I play).  By the time we got to the fairway of the 6th hole (our 7th of the day), the rain came down so hard and fast the slightly elevated 6th green went completely underwater.  At that point we decided to call it a day and went back and spent some great time siting on the porch of the clubhouse talking with any of the others who didn't finish.  My FJ rain jacket, Icons, and rain gloves kept me completely dry and sold me on getting a pair of rain pants as soon as i got home.


    Grayhawk GC in Scottsdale Arizona. Couldn't check into our hotel, so we decided to *** time by playing 18! The guy at the desk asked if we knew it was 117 on the course and I responded are you open! He tossed us the keys to the cart and off we went. It was so hot that when you sweat it crystalized! First time I've ever recorded a farmers tan!


    Hilton Head Island, 2007. Was playing HH National through a steady rain the entire round. By 15 it was pouring. Do we quit? Heck no, the heavy stuff won't be coming in for a couple hours yet!

    As I stood on the 17th tee, a short 140 yards over a pond, it was coming down so hard you could barely see the flag. It was compounded by the fact that, of all things, this hole has a fountain between the tee and the green. So imagine..... rain pelting down from above and a fountain shooting water upwards from that pond! It was a visual mind-meld...

    I chocked down on a 7 iron and swung at the ball, made contact, and my club sailed straight right. The good news was the ball landed on the green and my club landed on the cart path. Finished the hole and drove to the clubhouse..... Had a DNF.

    But our group still talks about that day and especially that hole.


    I was playing the Town of Colonie  G.C.  about 8 years ago with a couple friends. The sky started to darken,but we were undeterred . As the storm loomed ever closer we continued play until the torrential rains caused us to park the carts under a couple of trees. The next thing you know, the sky darkened to what I can only describe as Tornado black, and with it came hail. Lot's of it,and although the whole storm lasted apx. 10-15 mins. the entire course was covered in hail. It looked like it had snowed out. It only took about 5 min. for the hail to melt and we continued play. After our tee shots on the next hole a ranger drove up to us and told us they had closed the course. ( where was the ranger before the storm)  We went in to the clubhouse and finished our round at the 19th hole.