FedEx Club Shipping Experience

FedEx Club Shipping Experience


    Many of you wonder about shipping your clubs versus bringing them via the airlines. I have usually brought the clubs along on board since my Delta status means I don't have to pay extra.

    But this week I had an international leg in the middle of the trip, so I tried out FedEx to ship my clubs. I consulted my friend MemphisUnited, and took my clubs to the local FedEx office.

    I packed my gear in my Club Glove carry case. I used my StiffArm for protection to the driver and woods. This is key to make sure the shafts don't get compromised. I put covers on the heads of my irons. And finally I locked the bag with my trusty Brinks luggage lock.

    The FedEx office weighed the bag (57.8 pounds) and filled out the paperwork. I insured it for the maximum $1000, and sent them FedEx Ground. I also set up for a signature on arrival. Total cost was $67.00.

    As I tearfully watched my bag roll to the shipping area, the test officially began!

    Yesterday, promptly at 2:00pm, the FedEx truck pulled up to my house. The clubs arrived with nary an issue. On time and on schedule! Ironically, while talking to the FedEx guy about the experience, the UPS man pulled up to deliver my latest shipment of FJ socks from Golf Locker.

    So I am a 100% supporter of the "ship don't schlep" mindset now...... Well done FedEx!

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    Good review.   I always wondered how well that worked.   Not a bad price either..   Sounds like I might be giving it a try.  


    Good to know for those must have clubs but don't want to schlep through the airport trips.  Thanks for letting us all know about your experience, Randy.


    I just like having my clubs so I can play or practice up until the time I leave, plus I'd have to pay for wife's clubs too! Sounds good though!


    Thanks for the unpaid endorsement.  

    It really is worth it just so you don't have to drag your clubs around the airport.  Plus for those that don't have some sort of airline status, the cost for shipping your clubs may be less than what the airline would charge you anyway.  Plan ahead and give yourself some time, like Tar Heel did, and it's even more cost effective with FedEx Ground.  If shipping to a hotel, resort or course, call ahead and make arrangements for accepting and holding your clubs for you.

    You can get cost estimates on


    We looked at this for trip next month and got a quote on for $40.63. The only problem is the 3 days. If you've the time, it's cheaper than the airlines.





    I love it. Because I travel alone, and because as a woman I might have just the teeniest bit more regular luggage than men, luggin g my clubs has always been. an issue. MemphisUnited convinced me early on - plus they have great ads! Thanks, Scotty!

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    Thanks for the info. It appears that it is worth comparing Fed Ex's door to door price to what the airlines charge to schlep it yourself.


    I am coming over to the Fed Ex side, I am always nervous when my clubs are being loaded onto the plane and what TSA might do to them. This is much safer and would surely put me at ease when traveling. Randy, is cost based on weight and insurance?

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    I looked into this previously, but opted to schlep.  I was playing the day before I traveled so the timing didn't work.

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    Aren't there a number of purveyors offering club shipping? Having worked for a Memphis-based company for a few years, I know FedEx and have no questions about their reliability. Just wondering if any of the other players offering this service merit attention for their service and/or price...

    Excellent review and clear to me, FedEx is the "go to" shipper for clubs unless someone is out here offering the experience at a significantly better price...


    I am coming over to the Fed Ex side, I am always nervous when my clubs are being loaded onto the plane and what TSA might do to them. This is much safer and would surely put me at ease when traveling. Randy, is cost based on weight and insurance?

    Mikey, I guess so. I went to the site Scott gave me and put in some numbers they asked for. The price I came up with on-line for clubs from California to Michigan was like $56 for a bag up to 75 lbs. My bill ended up being $67 "all in" so the extra $11 was probably the insurance. I went with the full max of $1000.

    I will tell you, TSA ALWAYS opens my bag up. And they never replace stuff the way I had it packed. It's so bad I always stand and watch them while they open it and do the chemical swab testing. It ticks them off and they always ask me what I'm doing. I tell them it's to make sure I know who to come talk to if anything happens to my clubs. Makes 'em even madder!

    If you have the time, FedEx is the way to go people.....

    Scott, you know where to send the royalties.


    thanks so much for sharing this, I have often wondered how it was but haven't known anyone else who used it


    That's good information...thanks for sharing!  I'm flying to Orlando at the end of the month.  I try to fly Southwest when I can, since my most valued posession can fly for free, but I have to fly on a different airline that will definitely charge me.