Your Golf Weather Forecast

Your Golf Weather Forecast


    (I couldn't find the old thread we used to post about playing weather, so I started one.)

    In any case, we're looking forward to sunny 85 on Saturday and 68 with 20% chance of rain Sunday.

    Means a chance of two different types of outfit this weekend.

    What about your?  Hope you get an even better weather than we're having.

    Have a nice weekend.

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    8:07 tee time Thursday. Sunny 77 degrees with 16 mph breeze. Thunder storms tonight so the course will be wet. Cart path only.


    Hey Mark, I hope you had fun on your Thursday round.  But, i'm not a fan of carts on cartpaths only restriction.  I would rather walk.  I miss the thunder storms (at night) I grew up in that kind of weather.  For this weekend, we are expecting 97 on Saturday, and 92 on Sunday.  I'll need an early start borh days.

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    It has rained everyday but Wednesday this week, missed all 3 leagues, I hate rain!!!   Suppose to be nice again sunday though, 11:30 tee time, 71 and partly cloudy, better get to play!!   Going through golf withdrawals and Tiger 14 isnt quite cutting it..


    1:00 tee time for saturday.  i would have preferred much earlier, but i was out-voted 3-1.  going to be 90 with a chance of t-storms.  but that's better than shoveling snow!


    7:30 AM Saturday, slight chance of showers with temps in the high 60's low 70's.

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    No tee times for me this weekend.  Doing some roof work Saturday.  Sunday is 70% chance of nasty thunderstorms and high winds.  I'm going to work on getting a short 9 in during the week next week I hope.  And the long term forecast for next weekend is reasonable so I'm going to hopefully get a lesson and a round in!


    First day of Winter tomorrow downunder.

    Forecast is ugly with steady rain and possible thunder storms although not too cold - 40 - 50 degrees.

    Lucky I have some wonderful FJ gear to get me through unscathed.

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    Walked 18 yesterday - 90 and humid: a bit of a chore toward the end. This weekend: Saturday - 86, windy, and also playing Monday - 69, 40% chance of rain.


    7:30 AM Saturday, slight chance of showers with temps in the high 60's low 70's.

    i wish i had that tee time.  i'm going to be sweating my *** off!


    8:30 event on Saturday and 8ish on Sunday assuming that the rain stays away.


    109 in Palm Springs tomorrow!

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    We sweated off a few lbs. playing yesterday and today here in Mass. and R.I. It looks like we may lose a few more lbs playing over the weekend. We have been waiting for hot weather and now that it is here we are starting to look forward to cooler temps.

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    94 in Boston today! First time we've had this heat all spring


    Going to be in the 90's here in SoCal. I think I will play golf a bit.....