Do you use a range finder ? What brand ?

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    Have not got one yet but I am in the market for you

    Go ahead and pull the trigger. I agree with Chuck in that they really speed up the pace of play.  People spend hours on the driving range trying to determine their distances...trying to get better.  The rangefinder allows you to put all that practice into play. Shoot the distance, assess the wind, pull the club, and fire. No hunting for sprinkler heads or fumbling with your phone or gps. Bushnell's ad says something like "90% or pro tour caddies rely on Bushnell." If that's the case there must be something to it.

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    I use a leupold gx 3i...fantastic device!  Here's a cool comparison chart of various rangefinder devices:


    Curious to know the average handicap of those that NEED a range finder. I play in two leagues and believe use of these gadgets are more time consuming for the majority of the users, unless one can routinely be within 5-10 yards of their target LANDING spot, never mind where the ball comes to rest!!

    I'm not a low handicap player so some people might think I don't NEED, a range finder.  But I disagree.  Exactly how accurate do you think yardage stakes are going to be?  And angles can cause major differences.  Add to that, a yardage stake is measuring to "roughly" the center of the green, and you could easily be off by 15-20 yards.  Think about how many times you've thought you were a certain distance and went way long or came up way short.  For me, it's the peace of mind knowing exactly how far I am so I know what club to hit.  Does that mean I'm going to stuff it close?  Of course not.  But it means I'm not going to airmail a green or come up way short because of a bad yardage.



    I'm not a low handicap player so some people might think I don't NEED, a range finder.  But I disagree.

    I agree completely that a rangefinder is valuable regardless of the handicap.  Knowing the distance from the hole is extremely important whether you are a +5 or a 25 handicapper.  You always need to know how far you should hit the ball (or at least how far you need to hit the ball).  This whole game is about hitting the ball a specified distance and direction.  If you don't know the distance, half of the required information to make the shot is gone.  To take it a step further, how often is the higher handicap player in places other than the middle of the fairway where there aren't a lot of sprinkler heads with the distance to the hole?  I think this technology certainly speeds up play and can be useful to golfers of all abilities.

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    @Mike_C -- completely agree with your comments.

    At the R&A sanctioned event that I attended here in India recently, all the amateurs had their range finders. They aren't yet sanctioned by the asian/india associations so many people were surprised by their use but it certainly made things faster.  

    A funny situation happened on the first hole where one of the players was about to tee off and his batteries died. He was frantically asking any/everyone if they had a "spare pack". Don't know which brand, etc. But do some of them have proprietary batteries?