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Warming the Putter during Winter



    No luck here...my putter has been resting in my closet for couple of months now.  The course I play during the winter has temp greens so I don't even bother bringing my putter.  Tried to practice at home, but I have wooden floors so makes it really tough to judge the line.  Can't wait for Spring!!!

    My practice green lays on wooden floor. . . It's fantastic!


    I would love to be able to practice indoors. Daylight hours limit my practice time. No running out in the evening and hiting balls or putting in the evening.


    Mark>>>> as crazy as it may seem, I have actually practiced putting on hardwood floors....if I am pressed for time and need to practice before a tournament and get the "feel" for quick greens I will use the hardwood floors the night before....drives my wife crazy.....kinda noisy....I do not worry bout lines or such....just feel.....helps me develop soft steady hands....of course I am old school.....cz  : )

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    I live in Wisconsin so i know something about cold weather and winter.  last year I purchased a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet from Home Depot and set it on the basement floor. I also use a skilz putting cup as a target.   It allows me the ability to putt maybe up to  6 footers.  I primarily use it with an EyeLine Putting rail and mirror.   this is allows me to work on my set up over the ball as well as my stroke.  And as the putts are short it helps build confidence for those knee knocking 3 - 4 footers.   While the carpet is cheap the training aids are a bit more expensive.  the carpet works well.  


    I have used this cup on carpet for several years, I couldn't begin to muster a guess at who makes it but it has been a trooper! You really have to roll it a good speed to make it, it will lip out etc. Plus if your house is over 220 years old like mine you can find some pretty interesting breaking putts around the house!


    Unfortunately come winter time I routinely put the clubs away and dont look at them again.

    That will hopefully change this winter as I have some plans to follow my instructor to his indoor teaching location at least a few times.  

    Most of the time I'm too busy getting my snowboarding gear together and heading to the local hill (even at 34 I don't mind hurtling down at high speed!)


    i have a basic indoor putting mat with one hole that i had in our living room after we moved in.  but now with a wife, a dog, and now two kids, that room has been overtaken.  so now i'm looking for a large indoor putting green for the basement and possibly build a nice one in my backyard.  the problem now is cost.