I golfed in these conditions and temps.


    If it is below 45, do not look for me to be playing...

    -ICONs for ALL

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    Played 18 today. In the 30's and kinda windy, 15-18 mph. Snowed for holes 14 thru 17. What a great day for a walk. Topped it off with rewards: I bought a new Vokey 52-08 wedge in the Pro Shop, and had the heat on high for the ride home. To finish a great day; Niners in town for Sunday night football. Life is Good.


    Sounds like a good day.


    I played the last two days in mid to high 60's.  Beautiful weather for mid December.



    Saturday, 22nd, the course did not open for play till almost 11:00AM because of frost, but it turned out to be a nice day.  Sunday, it open about a few minutes after 9:00am, but the winds were brutal.


    Last December I tee it up when it was 33 degrees with a wind chill in the teens. When I got to the course, I thought they would turn us away, but they didn't. My first shot landed in a bunker.  When I got to the ball, it was on ice at the bottom of the bunker. My playing partner told me I could get relief, but I told him that I wanted to hit it off the ice, since I've never done that before.  Needless to say it was freezing and I didn't play too well. It was still better than being at work :).


    Jan. 13, 2014, since there's no date on the posts anymore. Which I wish would change back.

    So I played at Torrey Pines North this morning, the last day before they closed the course for the PGA Tour Farmers Tournament. The courses are in very nice shape. Started at 7:15 with my white Icons, white FJ shorts, navy windowpane FJ polo, and a cashmere sweater. Temperature in the low 50's to start and had my sweater off by the fourth green. And it just kept getting warmer. At the 10th hole, I was just of the green to the left. Some temporary sprinklers were in use near my ball and I had to stand in the spray to hit my chip. The cool water felt so good that I didn't care about getting wet and got my par anyway with a good chip and putt. One of the guys laughingly complained that the ocean waves were too loud at the 7th tee box, man it was a nice day!

    Had a front flag on the par 5 14th hole that I came within 6 inches of holing out for eagle with my little sand wedge from 83 yards. Played the shot a little long left and it spun back downhill to the right, next to the hole for a tap in birdie. Then on the par 5 18th, I was on the green with my second shot from 215, with a 15 foot left-to-right uphill curling eagle putt. Didn't quite play enough break but had a 1 foot putt for birdie, sweet!

    The long range forecast calls for more of the same weather. I sure hope it stays the same for the Farmers.

    Cheers everyone! What's YOUR golf conditions story?


    We played today (1/13/14) here in the Houston area.  Temps were pretty good--starting in the low 60's and reaching about 70 by the time we finished.  It was, however, quite windy, with the wind moving the ball easily 20-30 yards right or left depending on which way you were going.  Into the wind, we were all using at least two clubs more than normal to achieve needed distance (5 iron to 145-153, instead of 160-170).  I can't complain, either, since I managed to shoot 36-40 for a 76, with birdies on the first two par 3s.  Low round of the day in the group, winning a couple of skins and one greenie.  Expected to be nice, but a bit cooler tomorrow and the rest of the week, with overnight lows in the high 30's to low 40's and daytime highs in the 60's.  Good week for golf.

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    This is a good thread to revive, I love weather stories.

    As I posted elsewhere here at the FJC it was near -30 the other day with the windchill, there's no golfing :)

    BUT the last few days have been near 50 and a few courses are open year round if conditions permit.  However I have not been able to get out.

    The worst for me was an after work league last summer.  I'm subbing this particular week for one of the guys and its a bit rainy.  No big deal.  It's rather warm so I'm just getting wet as gearing up would've made me way too hot.  We're around the 4th hole and fairly far from the clubhouse.  

    The rain intensifies and we go on with our round.  For some reason I'm playing lights out (for me).  Misjudge a putt or two, but otherwise I'm playing very well.  The rain is coming down sideways at this point and you can't see the green from the tee box.  But we're having a good time.

    My partner and I happen to be alone as the other half of our foursome never showed up so we're just cruising around the course getting our 9 in.  At one point with no one in front of us or behind us we stop in a patch of trees (cart path happened to go through them).  We stopped in order to let the rain hopefully subside a bit.

    We wait about 10 minutes and still dont see anyone and we start wondering if they blew the lightning horn and we never heard it.  The rain lets up and we finish our round (we never did see any lightning nearby, we saw one strike far off in the distance).  I shoot one of my best 9's of the year in the process.

    We get back to the clubhouse and meet up with some of the others who had finished and they did indeed confirm that the lightning horn sounded.  Apparently my partner and I were flirting with disaster and never knew it (it seems the course needs to work on the volume of their airhorn - we brought that up with them).


    Heavy and seen one lightening strike in the distance....I am definitely off the course.....based on the position of the horns and with the heavy rain, it's possible that the horn cannot be heard at times.....surprised that a ranger did not come out and get you guys....having worked as a ranger, they would have sent us guys are very lucky.....deja vu "the priest in Caddy Shack".....