Liberty National, Barclays host course, did you see this ?


    Sandy, just wrecked this course. It was a really cool course. built up on old ship yards of Jersey city, just a ferry ride from Manhattan.

  • has multiple photos of the destruction to many courses along the east coast. Sad to see. But we know post Katrina that course can be rebuilt and return to their former selves. Just takes patience and time to heal.


    Very sad to see, good thing is they have the cash to recover!

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    wow I hadn't seen this pic yet! I hope they rebuild it!


    Isn't this a Tump course?  If it is, then money to rebuild should not be an issue.  It may be difficult to get it ready for a tournament this year, but by 2014 I think it would be eminently playable by the pros.


    It  is going to be a tough road for many courses in the East. As always there is resiliency and they will get them functional soon.

    We wish them all the best and speedy recovery.

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    The course was built by a consortia headed up by Paul Fireman, founder of Reebok. This course cost an enormous amount of $ to build - hundreds of millions...This is one of two harbor side courses in the Jersey City area - the other one being Bayonne Golf Club. I am sure Bayonne had some issues with the storm surge as well since a few of the holes run hard by the harbor...


    This is a great course.  I had the opportunity to play it just after opening and prior to the 1st Barclay's.  What views from every hole.  My old golf Pro Steve Nappoli is now the pro there and I am hoping to get back out.  At the time, I didnt have an I-phone, so no pics to share.  Hopefyully by next year I will have another chance.  


    What a shame to see something like puts into perspective however what kind of devastation a storm like Sandy can leave behind and gives us all not in the area a sense of humility as well...