Bubba Golf Sweepstakes - Win Before You Can Buy!

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    Bubba golf = big old hooks and slices

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    Wear your heart on your sleeve & love it while you are out there.

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    Bubba golf means playing by feel

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    To me Bubba Golf means playing your own way and not following the conventional ways to play.  To be focused and driven to play the game without regard to what people think and being true to yourself, your family and  what you believe in.   Bubba Golf is simply kicking ass.

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    Bubba Golf is playing confident golf. Creating exciting shots and going long with the big stick. It's also about family, faith and caring for others.

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    Bubba is on the map...

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    What do I think "Bubba Golf" means to me...... Hit it hard and long and worry about the other parts of the swings later, shape shots how you want it to shape. You can all make it, you can make it! -bubba Watson said. Thats what I think in my mind when I play golf.  Have fun on the golf course, and never give up. :) 


    Bubba golf is following your own path, doing what is right, remembering your past and not going too fast for the future. It is "keeping your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars".

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    What does Bubba Golf mean to me?... to me it means to hit it long and hard, and shape the shots how you want to shape it. Have fun on the course, and never give up. I stick to what Bubba said,  You could all make it, you could make it!


    Bubba Golf is free-spirited, no holds barred, and loving life.  It's feet flying and hands turning.  It is pure emotion that's laced with nerves and adrenaline.  It's great to watch. 

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    Bubba Golf is the doing what works for you, regardless of what you are told is wrong.  To have the perseverance to do what you know works and to have the faith to follow through.  It is the ultimate expression of making what is technically ugly into something that is simply beautiful. 

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    To me Bubba Golf means never giving up and  hitting the heck out of a golf ball.

    Congrats Bubba, great win!!!

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    Bubba golf takes me back to the days of John Daly “grip it and rip it”. Bubba golf brings golf to a level of the regular guy. Bubba isn’t that country club guy most people think of when they think of golf. Watching the Masters with my dad he said “that guy has a pink driver, you know you better hit it long if you’re going to have a pink driver” That is great he does hit it a long way but he doesn’t care what others think. While he has honed his craft to a very high professional level, his swing is not perfect. He doesn’t change swing coaches every few week when he has a bad round. He swings the way he wants to and he just keeps practicing at it. Bubba golf is about imperfections in a game that is a constant struggle to achieve perfection. Proven in his faith Bubba knows we are not perfect and we do our best with what we have and ask God to help us with our imperfections. Bubba golf is about doing the best you can in every situation no matter what the circumstances are.
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    Bubba golf is not just a way the game game is played.  It's not a form of swing or technique.  It's more of a way of life.  I even told the lady at Panera that my name was Bubba when I ordered.  That's legit.  I play golf and after seeing Bubba win, it changed my life.  Why not play every hole driver-wedge.  It makes the game so much more fun.  I am proud to say that if someday I can hit the ball 315, then I am going to play Bubba Golf.  Great work Gary Bubba Watson.  Win the U.S. Open.

    Bubba Golf = Grip it, rip it, and score. All with a unique style of having fun, enjoying your friends, and doing the right thing for charities. All this with a great respect for the game!