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    "Bubba Golf" is true unalterated golf in its purest form.   No complicated swing thoughts.   See the shot.   Be the shot.   Ty Webb is beaming at Bubba's victory.   And so am I.   Bubba, you are the MAN ! ! ! !

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    Damn interesting question. Bubba golf. What is it?


    Trust your game and play it. You can overcome adversity. Think it through. Don't get flustered. Recover. Move on.


    Enjoy what you do and appreciate every moment. Life's real beauty is sharing your accomplishments with those you love.


    Be true to yourself. You never know, maybe that's just fine.

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    Bubba Golf means having access to any shot, any time.

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    As a fellow lefty I gravitate towards watching Bubba and Phil. To me Bubba Golf represents playing the game for the fun of it. Bubba doesn't approach his game scientifically like so many other pros. He's not out there executing a predetermined game plan or executing specific shot mechanics, he's playing golf. 


    I think that the pros get caught up in all that other stuff where Bubba is out just playing. The majority of us are just players of golf and to see a guy win a major championship who's playing like most of us are was something wonderful. 

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    Bubba golf means, doing it my way and on my terms.   Unconventional but effective!

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    Bubba golf to me is doing what you do and letting everything you can't control fall into place, don't get down or give in, just keep doing you.

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    "Bubba Golf" means that here is a golfer that all can have fun watching, watching him have fun, keep his cool, and show that golf is a game of integrity, honesty, and spirit.


    What is Bubba Golf?

    It's the next level of "Grip it and Rip it," where you calmly look at the situation and say, "If I have a shot, I can do this." But it's also much deeper. It's thinking you're not good enough, and being so nervous that visibly you are like a cat on a hot tin roof. You just aren't comfortable, but you step up and say you're going to do the best you can. If it turns out that's great. If not, well I'm going to keep trying.

    It's also the kind of golf that's true and pure for avaerage people, even though he's not really all that average. We don't take lessons, we play wherever we can afford, and we just love to play, and that endures him to other "Bubba's."

    Finally, there's the innocence and honesty, almost childlike in nature. As the final putt went in, you all saw him sneak a glance, brief but poetic, towards the heavens to his father, then unashamedly cried in the arms of his mother. We have all been there, but not on this stage.

    A man who says his dreams never went this far, and yet now they have. Bubba Golf; Honest. Simple. Humble.


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    Bubba golf means playing without fear and willing to go for broke just because you love the game.

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    Bubba Golf is more than just the game of Golf. Bubba Golf is about life. Living a life of faith and love. Love your family and love your profession. Follow your dreams but do not sacrifice LOVE, Carpe Diem.

    Bubba golf is getting out on the course and creating golf shots, it's playing golf rather than just mechanically swinging a golf club, it's going all out no matter what and creating a shot where others would not have one.  It's remembering the important things in life and understanding where golf stands in relation to this.

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    Bubba Golf means never having to 1 putt!

    Hit it long, hit it longer and 2 putt for victory!!

    As only Bubba Watson can do....

    Great Masters.

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    Bubba Golf- Self made, self taught golf played to enjoy it.
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    Bubba Golf:  Hit it hard, have fun, and if you hit it in the woods on #13, just say, "shooooooooot, well at least I hit it hard".  That made me a fan of Bubba right there.  He didn't throw his club, throw a fit, or start swearing a bunch.  Then he hit a great recovery after that.  THAT'S Bubba Golf to me.

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    Bubba Golf means being yourself on and off the course!