Anyone playing this weekend?


    That's the truth.....Good friend, good golf and a $5 nassau. Life is good


    Weekend???  Oh, you mean those 2 days that I can play golf and don't have to do anything else, right?  Just a couple rounds at my home course with the guys!

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    Playing Saturday 4 O'clock tee time.


    Club Championship starts Friday. I have the 1240 tee time.  54 Holes. Had a little practice tonight and only a couple hours at work before heading out to the course.

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    Of course...without the weekend, I wouldn't play golf :)


    Go get'em Bob.  captured the Senior Championship at my home course a few weeks ago (just missed getting both regular and senior for the second time)


    Our club Championships are this weekend, but am passing this year as are a lot of our taking my wife to a Peter Max art exhibit.....he will be in town this weekend and we are considering some of his paintings for our house......she is a big fan of his.......besides I have a lot of big tournaments coming up.......good luck Bob, fairways and greens.......Senior Championship ain't bad......super job....a lot of champions in our :  )  


    Congrats GH.

    Not quite an Seniors level myself but it's rushing at me fast !!!


    Congrats Bobby!  Not a bad way to "end" a season.

    if my back continues to heal and the rain stay away until at least the afternoon, i hope to be breaking in a new pair of Icons Saturday morning.


    Congrats Bobby!

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    Funny you may ask Chris....I'll be at Monarch Beach Golf Links on Saturday for a tune up tournament for our Oct 11th annual Hospitality Tournament.

    Saturday Sep 21
    High 75°F Low 57°F
    Precip: 0%
    Wind:  SW at 10 mph
    Humidity: 67%
    Sunrise: 6:38 AM
    Sunset: 6:48 PM
    Golf Index: Excellent
    Re-hydrate at Each Tee

    Playing with Mr D. at Torrey North!

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    Congrats Bobby -- Is that your winning outfit? I just can't believe that you would wear something so "understated"!  The real bling must be your shorts, belts and shoes!


    Wow...this is really an old thread. It must have been one of the original postings.  This one should be locked up in the FJ vault/timecapsule.

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    I think I'm going to get out this afternoon, I know not technically the weekend, but I also plan on playing on Sunday.