Happy Birthday FJ Community!


    I feel slightly embarrassed to be slow and off my game by three days on this huge occasion. Its what happens when the "job thingy" gets in the way.

    That said, a huge Happy Birthday to all of us, everyone. To FJ, for really building the engine and enabling us, and trusting us, to engage on a daily basis. And to the Community at large, for continuing to engage in positive and fun dialogs. It has truly been an epic journey.

    Over a morning cup of coffee out here in SoCal, watching the sun rise over the Saddleback Mountains, I have taken about 45 minutes to reminisce over the 5 pages of previous birthday wishes. I read through the thoughts, observations, and comments made by the various assembled community members. I have reflected a great deal, as I am wont to do. I also read Chris' recount of the community from 5 years ago. I remember vividly talking to folks about how crazy good this place was, and wondering aloud how long it would last. And here we are, a full five years later, growing and thriving, just like our benefactors at Foot Joy.

    In the past 5 years, FJ has moved through a sale from their previous ownership, and thrived in ways that don't always happen in an economy as we've had. The ongoing product development has been inspiring, with new shoe offerings coming year on year. And the fashions! It has been only a little over 3 years since FJ dove into their Collections lines, and anyone who has been here has seen the tremendous innovation here over and over! The shirts, sweaters, pullovers, socks, and...... everything just keeps getting better and better. Each and every product line. Each and every season. Each and every year.

    Like any meaningful birthday or anniversary, I have reflected on where the collective "we" were, and where we are today. Certainly a ton has changed for me in my family and personal/professional life, the least of which is moving to the left coast. Never would have seen that in a million years. Over the past 5 years I've also bee fortunate to meet and befriend well over 25 people that I would never have known were it not for this place, this community. Folks from coast to coast and around the world, all joined because of the FJC.

    And on that point.... Beyond what happens in the written community, where we passionately share our love of all things FJ, there is an even deeper bond that many of us has developed. I've been so fortunate to develop very deep ad meaningful friendships with a great many FJA's over the years. Again, were it not for this place, there is no way I would have had that good fortune.

    I look forward to reading this musings again each year, and enjoying the next 5 years with as much enthusiasm as these past 1,825 days. Onward!


    It's been an awesome year for me and thanks to FJ and everyone in the community......just a few words from the Fab Four.....which is my favorite birthday song ever.....FJ rocks.....................

    They say it's your birthday

    We're gonna have a good time

    I'm glad it's your birthday

    Happy birthday to you.


    Amazing to think it has been 5 years already! Work has kept me off the site a little more than I would like these past few months, but it is a daily treat for me to view the topics and comments being made, many times by people I truely call great friends. Thank you always to FJ and team for starting this amazing site, but real thanks go to the people who post everyday for keeping it alive and growing the members. To many more years!


    Happy Birthday FJC ! Whether recognized on the exact day or not the Energy of the FJC  is amazing and continues to pulsate the  'Mark of A Player'… Delighted to be a part of this distinguished Group and look forward to another enlivening mile stone...

    So to honor this 5 year mark go out and pick up the traditional gift  - a new ‘Wood’ in celebration !