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    Chestnut brown goes great with khaki


    Great photos and outstanding use of the FJ gear.  Ted - you need an FJ belt...

    I've got one, but only a black strap.  I looked at lots of sites over the past year, but haven't found any white straps with the FJ buckle.  Guess I'll have to find a white strap I can swap out with the buckle off the black strap.


    There's a couple of good looking guys right there.  Freddy, I hope there wasn't too much "Goat" talk out there.

    We kept the conversation to, "how to win". The subject of goats, I mean cattle, never came up, until dinner, or bedtime. LOL

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    Great look guys!!!  Way to represent!!!


    Love the XPS-1's Freddy...I have the same pair as well...