Glory's Last Shot! The Best Major?


    Funny read, Devin.  Thanks for sharing.  Personally, I like all of the majors and appreciate the fact that each one is a little different.  They are certainly four of the best weeks of golf watching for sure.


    I have to say this was by far the most entertaining Major of the year.  Bubba runs away in the back 9 of the Masters, MK runs away after the opening tee shot of the US Open, and The Open Championship was more or less all Rory all the time.  The PGA was good till the last putt dropped.  


    I could hear Dandy Don singing "turn out the lights, the party's over" as Rory putted for the par and the win.......oh, they were out.....


    'Twas a great tournament this year, the PGA.

    The boy can certainly play ... and there were plenty there abouts that will crying in their dinner/breakfast over lost chances.

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    I thought that PGA Championship had a great last day. I was pulling for Ricky.

    The Masters is still my favorite.