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Glory's Last Shot! The Best Major?


    Read this article last night and wanted to share it with you guys.  Golf Channel writer Jason Sobel presents a little story on why the PGA is the BEST major of them all!



    Interesting view point. I agree with most of it. Masters is always a moust watch, the others are a I will watch it here there as I can.


    Nicely played Devin.

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    Shanks does make some good points.   Sounds like a pretty interesting character to meet.  


    Funny article and I agree with some of "Shanks" points (best players, not in-accessible to the public, not super difficult setups like the US Open, not weather dependent like the British Open).  Thanks for sharing.

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    Good read Devin shanks is definitely a character but I will have to stick with the Masters as No 1,  however personally I rate the PGA ahead of the British Open.

    I know,I know the whole ugly American thing but IMO outside of ST. Andrews and Murfield the Rota of courses is not all that appealing.

    I know I am in the vast minority who would rate the PGA ahead of the Open championship.

    Spent 2 days at Oak Hill last year at this time, got to see Duff tie the major low round mark. What a great, classic Golf course. The PGA is held some all time classic golf courses.....Medinah , Southern Hills , Riviera,Oak Hill, Oakmont ,Oakland Hills, Hazeltine.

    .A great list of classic layouts.


    I'm just happy they aren't calling it Glory's Last Shot any more. Worst name/campaign ever.


    Interesting article and I do agree with a lot of the points that are made.  But I think some of the reasons used against the other majors are exactly why they are more popular.  They have an identity.  The Master's is the Master's, the US Open is a brutal setup, and the British Open has crazy weather on a type of course we never see.  The PGA doesn't have any of that.  I still like it and will still watch, but it feels like there is less excitement.



    I'm just happy they aren't calling it Glory's Last Shot any more. Worst name/campaign ever.

    I am in full agreement Chris, it always seemed like they were just trying too hard to build it up.


    That's a fun read.  I'm not smitten by the PGA, but I'll always watch it.  It's a major and sometimes doesn't get treated like one... like Poor Shanks


    I like the PGA, but like the Open I would like to see a better variety of venue's.

    They have played it west of Kansas only 5 times.

    I personally think the Masters is the absolute best.
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    Masters is number one and nothing else is even close


    Good read for sure. However, I rank the US Open as the best of the majors followed closely by the Masters....

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    I won't miss "Glory's Last Shot", always seemed cheesy.  Yesterday was some of the most exciting golf I can remember.  What a finish.  

    My favorite major is the Open.  Yes, it can be highly weather dependent, but that's part of the reason I love it.  No pampering, just get out there and play.  If the conditions are terrible, so be it.  Pack the rain gear and suck it up.  The different shots that have to be played, that it's not target golf, and puts everyone on edge is great in my opinion.  And when it's at St. Andrews, literally it's the home of golf.  What's not to love about that?