Scotty Cameron PGA Merchandise

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    According to Twitter, the 2014 Scotty Cameron PGA Stuff is now for sale but I guess you have to be a Scotty Club Member to purchase it?


    yep.....and even then you have to be quick.  the mid-mallet and mallet covers sold out within minutes.


    It is offered to it's members first and then the public.  The headcovers are sold out and they are way cool.  

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    There is a fee to join the Scotty club is that correct?  I'm a free member and email list subscriber but do not get many updates...


    If you are talking about Club Cameron, I believe it is $93.

  • runs around $100 a get a headcover and another gift and headsup when these special headcovers come out......go to the scottycameron site and it will explain everything....I would wait until the first of the year and see what the new membership has to offer........but at least check it out.....I joined in Dec 2013 because they had a nice belt buckle and did not join in 2014.....will observe in 2015.....will be looking for another belt buckle........

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    I just went of the Cameron web site touting the new store/Gallery in southern California. For sale were a number of original one-off designs from Mr. Cameron. everyone one of them listed as SOLD. A total of $60,500 for 13 putters.. You gotta love this country!


    Nothing new, if Scotty builds it, they will come.......All the gold in California is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills

    in somebody else's name, so if you're dreaming about California, It don't matter at all where you've played before

    California's a brand new game.Tryin' to be a hero, winding up a zero, Can scar a man forever right down to your soul

    Living on the spotlight can kill a man outright, 'Cause everything that glitters is not gold......

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    I haven't seen a membership package that I thought was worth $100 to join for the year. I'm with Chuck wait until next year maybe the membership packeage will have something you like.

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    Thanks for the info Chuck, I'm going to try to Demo the Dual Balance Futura X on a course somewhere soon.  Anyone out there fond of the mallet style and have good feedback on this putter?