Which PGA Tour Pro Are You?


    If you're on Facebook at all, you probably see lots of crazy quizzes like "Which state should you live in?" or "What movie star are you?" 

    Saw a new one today that's kind of fun to take: Which PGA Tour Pro Are You? Here's the link:

    If you take the quiz, post which pro the quiz says you are most like. Guess who I got? Jason Dufner. Bahahahaha

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    Haha, I got Bubba Watson.  We do kind of share the moving front foot so maybe they are on to something minus the 2 green jackets.  


    Bubba Watson here!  Funny quiz indeed!


    I am Rory +40. What does that mean??  

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    I came up Tiger Woods ...TIGER WOODS?!  The algorithm spitting out types is obviously in need of a major overhaul....!!!


    Agree with funny test....another Bubba Watson, here.......


    You bring a certain cool factor to everything you do and might even take part in adventure sports in your spare time. Despite your youthful outlook on life, you have respect for tradition and are willing to work hard to get better at what you do. (David Cannon/R&A/Getty Images)





    I got Rory.  No complaints here! lol

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    I ended up with Rickie Fowler ........oh to be that young again   : )


    Phil Mickelson, but I really don't know how I got that.


    Phil Mickelson, funny we played at Arizona State in the late 80's...never thought he and I were ever alike! LOL!


    I am Rory +40. What does that mean??

    Wow! I can totally see that Bob! LOL

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    I got Bubba Watson (it could have been the Dukes of Hazzard answer)...pretty funny quiz.


    Rickie Fowler!?!?!   But I could hardly hop out over the tub!  :)

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    I got Tiger... I'm ok with that... need to go find some hot blondes now