Shafts: DG X100 vs. DG S400 Tour

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    I'm thinking about another set of AP2s and am debating between these two shafts, the DG X-100 and the DG S400 Tour.  My first set of AP2s had Project X 6.5 and they were completely wrong for me. I currently hit my 6 iron about 195 and tend to hit it really high. I need to keep the ball down, but I also want to maximize feel, which I felt I lost with the Project X. Any thoughts? Also, any other suggestions on shafts? 


    Completing a proper fitting with a certified fitter is always the best way to get results; however, if you are hitting a 6 iron 195 yards a Project X 5.5 is far too weak for that kind of speed.

    I play 6.5's and only hit my 6 iron 180-185, 190 if I am swinging really well.  

    Hit them both and see what you like but with that kind of speed I would be inclined to start with the X-100.  

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    Devin, thank you for the insight. I like the X-100s, but I was just curious about the school of though on the Tour S400s. I am just curious about the difference between them and how they play with the AP2s. I play blades right now and one thing I noticed with the Project X shafts is that I wasn't getting any feedback at all when I hit the ball.

    Also I'd like to make a correction, my Project X shafts were 6.5s. It was a typo.

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    Definitely get to a fitter with plenty of shafts/heads.  Have you tried the KBS line? Some good things to try there as well.

    I'm going through the same thing as you and I'm between the x-100 and the KBS c-tapers. I think a lot depends on how you flight your ball. The ProjectX 6.5 is stiffer than the x100's but 5gm's lighter. Do you need a lower trajectory? Anyway, shaft options and a launch monitor are good things to help you sort it out.