Breaking out the RainGrip gloves this afternoon


    Raining here in Dallas. (About Dang time) (Dang is for the censor who lurks here) I am breaking out my RainGrips to play this evening. Going on vacation in a couple of weeks.  It will rain every afternoon at the beach. Have to play in the rain.


    Mark, the RainGrip gloves are excellent when damp and, if they get soaked and slip, roll them up in a towel and they recover nicely. Also, I tried the new StaCool glove in the rain yesterday and it worked great.


    And the RainGrips do a fine job. I use them when I'm traveling (never rains in SoCal) and love the performance.

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    I keep a pair in my bag just in case I get caught in the rain.  Haven't yet!   Maybe I'm not persistent enough :)

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    Great gloves.  They also work well for rounds on the colder side.  I used them for a couple of sub-40 degree rounds over the winter months.  I have a pair of WinterSof gloves too, but have never used them for golf, ironically.


    At least that is what Scott McKenzie said about SoCal........I love the RainGrips....use them on those lazy hazy hot humid days in SC..headed to positive thing about rain this time of the year, it cools the air......  :-)

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    Great Gloves and to second Chuck's post they work great when I am down in FL in a hot day with no rain as well. I quess they could be called sweat grip....maybe not.

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    I have to agree with you all.  This summer was the first time wearing the FJ RainGrips and i was blown away how comfortable they were..   And very impressed how well i was able to handle the grip in the rain..  

    The only downside about rain and after it passes in New Hampshire, it attracts mosquito...  FJ there's an idea for you :)


    If you're coming to Galveston for a visit, you ought to get in touch with Doug (DOGLOSKI) and me about a possible game, Chuck.


    Chuck maybe it cools the air where you are but up here it will bring out the humidity and you wish it would start raining again.  Many uses for the rain grip always in my bag.


    You're right Bob, this time of the year, rain does bring the 90% + humid days in the Carolinas.....NOT......kind takes your breath're up in the pines, where the breeze is almost not.....a small breeze on the coast....where there is water there is humidity, except in California.........


    RainGrips are back in the bag. 100 degrees and no rain here for the foreseeable future.

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    The Rain Grips were one of the best purchases I made this summer.

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    My rain grip has been good luck this year so far.  Since purchasing one I haven't dealt with rain yet this year during my rounds.  This will most likely do me in with the crazy weather the Midwest has had this summer but at least I'll have my Raingrip if I need it.  


    I keep a copy of the Rain Grips in my bag as well as a bucket het just in case the rain appears.  These have been great gloves and really make a difference when it is raining.  No rain in the forecast for me, but I will be prepared whenever it decides to make an appearance again!