JT Classic - Caddy Master Tournament


    Yesterday, Monday July 9th, we held our annual event to honor our Caddy Master.  His name is Jim Tanner and he was inducted into the Caddy Hall of Fame about 5 years ago.  He has worked at Pawtucket CC for 60 years, and has done a tremendous amount of work for golf, what it stands for and most of all me.  

    I remember being a young kid and he would assign each loop for the caddies.  He always lined me up with "big" tippers, $10 for each bag and sometimes $5 for the other guys in the cart.

    He taught me exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Most of all he said that god gave you two ears and two eyes and one mouth for a reason.  Listen and look twice as much as you would speak.  Those words still stick with me, and JT is the greatest.

    Now for my round.  It was a shotgun start and we started on the 10th hole.  A 439 par 4.  Hit a good drive, left side of fairway.  I had 168 to the pin with a breeze behind.  I hit a 9 iron to about 4 feet below the hole and thought, boy that was a good shot, but I thought it hit and ran through the green.  My other 3 playing partners were all over the place on the hole and I thought to myself, I better be able to get up and down to save par.  We looked and looked for my ball and couldn't find it.  JT was on an adjacent hole and was clapping.  I wasn't sure why, then he yelled over, take a look in the hole.  Low and behold, I holed out for eagle to start my round.  I guess it was JT that brought me the luck.  Ended up with a 67, one off my career round and came in 1st place.

    I guess my point of this was was to honor JT for all he's done.

    Thanks for reading.

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    What a start and what a score Brian! And to have a golfing mentor for who the tourney is named standing there watching that approach drop into the cup, simply karma doiin you a solid!!

    Congratulations and more than well done..


    BD - some nice testimonials regarding Mr Tanner.  I am sure that he means a lot to many of the members at the club.  Mr T has watched many fine young lads grow into outstanding gentlemen........and a few good golfers......thanks for sharing.....CZ

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    BB - great start to your round and great round overall!   What a perfect time to have it happen too :)   It's awesome when we have the opportunity to honor those that mean so much to us.


    Nice, Brian! Another great memory about your mentor.


    Gee, I've never even seen a Caddy Master, he sounds like a great guy. I grew up in bowling alleys, was taught how to gamble and play pinball, among other things. :-)

    Congrats on your great play and lucky upbringing on the golf course. I wish I had even known someone that played golf when I was a kid.

    Some great playing Brian...

    That's great stuff, Brian!

    Congratulations!  ...and what a neat place you have out there to honor the Caddy Master.


    The caddy, a dying breed.  Kept me busy many summers. Nick was our caddie master.  Great way to start off your round and nice round.


    I'm like Don, never knew a caddy master and don't remember any caddies around where I lived as a kid in the late '50s and early 60s.  Guess that's a drawback to living in the middle of Wyoming.  Great tale, Brian and your Caddy Master seems like a terrific fellow.  

    I guess I was so excited to post and share. I messed up the date. It was Monday July 7th

    Thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated!

    NIce round, and very cool back story and start to your round! Congrats