Which Titleist golf ball has the most distance?

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    Over a year ago, I was swinging well and decided to test a sleeve of the Velocity, Prov1 and Prov1x'. NXT Tour and NXT Tour S balls. My driver produces clubhead speed between 104 - 106 MPH. The ProV's ended up at 264 - 271 yards and the NXT's 275 - 282 yards. The Velocity balls were all 30+ yards behind the ProV1's. The grass was over 3/4" long in the fairways and they weren't rolling very far. Next, 5 irons from 185 to the center of the fairly flat green. The Prov1's carried and stopped within 10 feet of their pitch mark. The NXT's released 20 to 30 feet from their pitch mark  The Velocity did not carry to the front of the green (171 yards). This is my data so may I suggest you perform a similar test?

    Interesting findings Fred, I played two balls a couple of times last year when playing solo and played a ProV1 versus a ProV1x for every hole.  From my findings I started to like the ProV1 about as much as the ProV1x as each ball I feel performs at a high level for my game.  

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    I think scrambles can really screw things up.  I have always felt I should play my normal game, ball,etc.  If I try and do historic stuff my swing comes apart.  So whatever ball you normally play play.  Besides you need to play the same ball for the hole.  Exception is it is lost or becomes unplayable.

    Hey Bob, I do agree you can get out of your rhythm when trying to blast the ball.  I knew in the game of golf you needed to play the same ball through the hole but didn't know that was the case since everyone drops a ball from the chosen location.  I will look into just playing the one ball then as I didn't know that applied to Best Ball scrambles as well.  Thanks for the heads up.  

    and Whaq1; thanks for the insight anyway.  I am right there with you I normally don't care about distance in a golf ball but my only thought was that some of the "distance" balls lack spin in general which should make it easier to hit it longer and straighter.  Scrambles are the only days I care about hitting the driver long as it would be nice to win that prize money.  Ha.

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    .... Oops... the problem with the Velocity and the NXT Tour was holding around the green.  In a scramble for max distance I would go with the Velocity.

    Thanks Mike, several good references for the Velocity ball.  While trying to mow the yard today I ran into a weather delay.  So I decided to take inventory of my golf balls and found that I still have several last model ProV1x's in my bag that had filtered to the bottom.  I may break those out and that may solve my whole dilemma as I would have a great distance ball and use up a few old balls that may be outdated soon.  This is why I am hooked with the game of golf, new clubs, balls, and ideas all of the time to give us a chance to keep searching for the little something to give us an edge!!!


    Play the ball with the best feel. In testing, Titleist has data that says that the carry distances of all of the balls they make does not vary more than about 5 yards ball to ball.

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    No question,Velocity is the distance ball. I started playing it a couple of months ago  and I find it is good for an extra few yards.

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    Even for an average swing speed you cant beat the Pro V1X for distance , it's all about how much $$ you want to part with.

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    I did a 2 round comparison last fall with the Velocity, NXT Tour, and ProV1X.  Length was in that order BUT I never found more than 5 yds difference between the 3.  The big difference was price and short game spin.

    I'm a 9 hdcp and, frankly, there are many days when the performance advantages are wasted on my game.  Swing is inconsistent, feel is not there.  On those days I might switch to the cheaper Velocity; or NXT.  Otherwise, ProV1x is my primary ball.

    If I were doing a scramble, I might go with your approach toward using the Velocity off the tee and switching to the ProV from 150yds and in.  Good luck...

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    I normally play the Velocity, but I use the ProV line when in tournament play.  The velocity is a "distance Ball" but I have noticed it does have more spin.  So off center shots are magnified.  I am gonna stick with ProV1 for now and see how it works, since I am striking it better and have improved about 6 strokes already this year.  Good luck, hope you find one you really like.  

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    The prov1x has harder feel for longer distance and faster swings but the prov1 is softer and i have an easier time with aroung the green and on fairways. The Nxt claims to have less or the least driver and iron spin which I am not a fan of when hitting approach and chip shots. The velocity is made to get less height and more roll, this is better for the people who hit it too high and is better in winds. 

    Honestly, the one you're fitted for.. Stop the guessing game and cash spend and get fit!

    ChuckZVelocity is a pretty long ball, and get about the same distance as the ProV1.........I used the Velocity some this winter and it seemed to go a long way.......bought a dozen pretty cheap at Wallyworld.......

    Thanks Chuck, ya I may do the sleeve if I see one around but don't think I'll get through a whole dozen of Velocity's.  The inner "tinkerer" in me is always pulling at me though!!  haha

    I have hit some of the so called long hard balls and you know, the Provs go just as far as those hard I said earlier, I tried the Velocity and did not get any distance over my Prov1..........if you will notice the pros are bombing those provs 300+ on the Bob said hit you normal ball with your normal swing and you will be ok and have fun........the A player on your team will be bombing anyhow, unless you are the A player.......good luck and again, have fun.......  :-)


    "Whichever one I hit, your welcome" Bubba Watson

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    Lately I have switched to ProV1x and I think it flies a little farther but I'm not sure I hit it as consistently as the ProV1.

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    I think the Prov1x gives me the best distance. I tried the Velocity the distance was about the same. I generate less sidespin with the Velocity. On days when I am not hitting the ball squarely and losing more than my usual 1-2 per round I swap to Velocity or NXT. It takes away from my enjoyment to lose 4-5 Prov1s in a round.


    My love for the ProV1 goes back to when the dimple count was 392 (Prov1) vs 332 (Prov1x), I couldn't stand looking at the bigger dimples of the X when standing over a putt.  I am very aware that is an odd reason to use one vs the other but it makes sense to me!  On the other hand there is one LPGA Tour player who uses the ProV1 for the same reason.

    Now the dimples are much more similar and I often switch back and forth between the two.  Distance gain or loss is negligible when switching back and forth, sometimes I just want to look at something new. I did notice during my last round that I could flight the X a little better into the wind.