As I was watching the Greenbriar they had a segment on Steve Stricker. They showed him through the years and it appeared as though he has always been a Footjoy player. I was wondering about how many years he's been with F.J.  ?

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    I am not shure how long but he  always represents FJ/Titleist with class.

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    Yes very classy player and I have always said if we were going to pattern our game after a guy Stricker's might be the best model out there.  Simple and consistent; might not be a better combo for anybody.  

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    I would say at least 15 years, all I know is it would be difficult to find a classier guy in professional golf.

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    I love watching Strick.  Truly a class act and it's great that he's in the FJ stable of players.


    It would be nice if he could win at a Major. He's come close a number of times.


    Stricker is a classy dresser and carries himself well on and off the course.  If kids taking up the game of golf are looking for a role model, Steve is the man to look to.  May not be the best golfer in the world, but definitely represents the game at the highest level.   I would say that he is FJs ultimate ambassador, because he has chosen to stay with the brand all these years, when others have gone astray.   Thank you Steve Stricker.  


    Major win or no, Steve has exhibited a great sense of values  - loyal, humble, polite to a fault. A family man who understands that while golf is providing a wonderful way to make a living, it is a game. There is no classier an ambassador for Foot Joy and Titleist..

    As long as I can remember...

    Oh no -- w/d again :( hunting trip?


    Stricker withdrew from The Open Championship. I think it was because he isn't playing as well as he thinks he should be. The 74 in the final round of the Greenbrier Classic might have had something to do with it.


    One of my favorite players, hit fairways and greens, make a few putts, and family first. I just saw on GC that he pulled out of the open championship, which is a bummer, love watching him play.