Hats off to the USA

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    What an epic effort by the US team vs Belgium. Tim Howard in goal was otherworldly, even on defeat. Belgium was clearly the deeper team, but the effort by Team USA was tremendous. Hats off to the USA!!


    Howard's 16 saves on goal was a record for World Cup play.......maybe Green should have come in sooner, scored on his first touch......proud of our guys....played hard til the last second.....

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    Kinda disappointing but a good showing nonetheless.

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    I watched a lot of soccer in the World Cup. Nice to see the U.S. team be competitive.

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    I watched a ton of soccer during the world cup.  However, it'll be about 3 years and 11 months before soccer interests me again.  I loved watching Howard.  He did some amazing work in there.  It's too bad we let them badger him so much.

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    That was a great match and while we are now out there are still great games remaining to be played with teams like the netherlands , Brazil, Germany , Argentina, france remaining.  Should be a great weekend of games.  

    I have been traveling in europe and was in the Netherlands for their game, watched Germany-VS- USA in Cologne Germany and currently in Switzerland where I watched their game as well as USA game last night.  Travel has been fun but seeing each cities excitement for their team has been even better.

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    @Pony -- that sounds like a lot of fun. For a previous WC (France??), I too was moving around for business and it was awesome watching matches with hometown fans. Huge outdoor viewing stands with incredible passion. But I did learn an important lesson -- if England losses, it's best to stay off the streets or near bars  where the English fans congregate. They get pretty rowdy/upset.

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    The games left in the World Cup should indeed be great for the ardent and casual fans of the game. Fabulously talented teams will surely provide excellent entertainment!


    I agree...this has been a great world cup as well as the USA/Belgium game was fantastic but I would have prefered a US win!