A Titleist for all occasions



    Wine + Friends = Perfect Hostess Gift !!!


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    That is awesome!    Now where did you find it???

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    Love it!! great combination


    "A":  That is cool.   My brother in law plays Titleist and collects wine. Where did you get this?  I will have to pass this on to him because he will go nuts........  :-)


    I would google them, Chuck. They've been around a while since they are such a great gift. Some golf retailers carry them year round, others just at Christmas/gift seasons.


    Thanks, Chris....they will be in town the end of the month and maybe we'll head downtown to the market area and check out some of the wine and speciality stores.....had not seen them and thought it looked just down right cool.......  :-)


    GGG - that's a fabulous idea!

    The California wines will all be happy :-) !

    Thank you!


    Wine + Friends = Perfect Hostess Gift !!!

    That's pretty clever.


    You're the best GGG.  I love it

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    That's a great idea for those wine types!  

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    Thanks for the heads up on a unique item.


    My wife needs this, did they make it?