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    Daly was surprised when he learned he lost 55 million on gambling, he thought it was 25.

    Now that's living large.

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    Thomas Tusser furnished this quote in his book "Five Hundred Good Points of Husbandry"  over 450 years ago:"A foole and his money be soone at debate: which after with sorow repents him too late."

    Seems appropriate...


    With losses that big would you really want to know. Self destructive.

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    How much has he spent eating at ***? Thats the real question

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    Seems like a waste of money and talent.  But, guess he's had fun.  

    Love the guy.  Amazing power and touch.

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    He's certainly an interesting character and definitely a colorful person.  I just wish he'd been able to keep it together enough to keep going on regularly on tour.  I think we'd have seen some great tournaments from him