Well he knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows this other guy, who once knew this guy, who is best friends with a guy, who knows the guy in question.  That is what I took from all this.  I am no fan of Phil, but this is crazy talk.

    Do YOU know that guy? Me too.....


    Govenment bullying. Investigating for 3 years and can't find a better time to question him than at a golf tournament.

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    It's been an active investigation for 2 years now and they seem to be not coming up with much so hopefully it's just the government getting testy because a couple republicans are making some money.


    I could see it happening.  Hear something on the course and make a call.  Icahn denies knowing Phil.  But if he is going to make a move on a company, it will move the market.  I like Ctiger analogy.


    Psychological bullying. If they had evidence they would be in court. They don't even have enough to file charges. Our tax dollars fund this. Makes me sick. How did he do in the tournament? How much prize money did it cost him because the FBI was playing psychological games?

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    I'm a Phil fan and I agree that if he is culpable then he should be punished.  But for something going on three years, where's the need to announce that he's involved and meet him at the course?  There wasn't a better time?  This reeks of the government reaching and trying to find "something" after many years of not much.