Electric trolley: which bag?


    For years I have been carrying my bag and have just invested in an electric trolley. I was watching the masters and thinking wouldn't it be nice to walk down a fairway  without a bag on my back. The big question is which bag should I put on this trolley? The reverse cart bag looks great and I prefer it to the lightweight one, but should I also be considering the tour bags? What are you all using out there? Your thoughts would be welcome.


    I have used my staff bag and my carry bag on an electric trolley. It really depends on how much stuff you need/want to have with you. The e electric trollies that I have used in the UK have not had any issues with my 10.5" staf bag, loaded with balls and rain gear.

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    I would use a light weight cart bag. My concern would be up and down hills and battery life if the bag weighed a lot. i.e. had a lot of stuff in it.

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    Isn't bag size and weight somewhat dependent upon the size of the motor on the trolley? I am sure manufacturers have specifications to help you determine what is most sensible for your set up and home course...

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    I have seen a couple of guys with the wireless trolleys and the seemed to love them.

    I spoke to one guy who said there was a learning curve, especially around water hazards, as to the track of the trolley. I suppose with time to learn the system they would be fine.


    Look into a Sun Mountain Hybrid bag. I have one and it works great on my Clic Gear cart and also riding carts. It might have a different name in the U.K. Just check out the SM website to see what it looks like. It also has a stand system for use at the range or for carrying on the course. Cheers and good luck!

    Thanks 19hole. I shall have a look at the staff bags and tour bags then as well as the cart bags. The trolley has had an initial outing with a carry bag, but I think something designed more for a trolley would be great. I do carry a lot of clobber too from more balls than I need to spare gloves and bananas. I know the bag needs to have a brolly sleeve too for easy access when it inevitably rains.
    Thanks Mark, the trolley has a lithium battery and on the flat you find yourself walking very briskly at setting 6 and the dial goes upto setting 9, so I think it should cope with the weight without draining the battery. However, getting the bag in and out of the car after the round may highlight the benefit of a lightweight bag. I wonder whether you sacrifice lightweight material for durability?
    Pete, I read the manual and it doesn't make any recommendation on bag type or weight. It does tell you not to let it tow you up hills and that you can't sit / ride on it, so I suppose that gives some idea of the motor capacity, but it is quite lively. I suspect it might cope with quite a range of the bags on the market.
    Golf guy, I've seen one of these remote trolleys I think it was made by stewart? They look very space age and cost quite a bit. Mine is a push the button and follow it, but it does have a function where you can set it to travel a fixed distance and then stop. Like putting you have to judge the distance and also the line. I forgot about the line the first time in all the excitement and the trolley had a good go at tree climbing.
    Thanks golfer, Sun mountain have a great reputation for bags, so I'll have a good look at the hybrid. The major competitor to Sun Mountain used to be Ogio, but you don't see many stockists for those bags in the Uk, despite being really good quality.