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    Nice Bruce!    Good luck with the new sticks.   I don't know if your use to a heavier shaft like the NS pro, but that's what I went with this year.  Takes a bit to adjust and get use to it but loving them!  


    Congrats, Mizuno makes a great product! I got fit Ty and went with the Mizuno MP54's. Love them and the ball flight I am seeing. Now it just needs to get north or 65 so the long sleeves can come off and golfing in shorts can start.


    Always amazing to hear how thrilled folks are post a fitting. They cant believe how awesome things went and wonder how the did it so long without custom clubs. Well done.


    Enjoy the new clubs Bruce.


    Congrats, Bruce... enjoy the new clubs!


    Looks like Deno is back in the neighborhood too.  Gramps congrats on the new sticks. Sounds like not only did you get the proper combinations but some hints as well. Never a bad thing.

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    Congrats on the new clubs.  I definitely can't wait to hear how they work out for you on the course!

    You can't beat having custom fit clubs, there's just something about the confidence that comes with them knowing they are matched to your swing speed and tempo. I had Mizuno mp59s fitted and every time I get one out of the bag I enjoy playing it. I bet your handicap will be dropping very soon Bruce, in addition to the increased smile factor.
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    Good for you , I am sure you will see immediate results. i had one last year and it was probably the best thing I have done for my game.