Congratulations Mike_C


    Hi Mike!

    The title of this thread says it all.  A big congratulations to you.  We like your style!


    Way to go Mike! Another class act joins the pinnacle of clad acts, Foot Joy Ambassadors!


    Mike - I've been watching the number of your posts getting closer and closer. Congratulations.  How will you commemorate you ascension?  A new pair of MyJoys?

    Have a great trip to Ireland.

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    Congratulations.  Well done.  A new pair of MyJoys sounds like an excellent idea.


    Congrats Mike


    Thanks to all!  It's been really fun over the past months getting involved in the FJC.  I have been fortunate to meet a number of people though this group, both virtually and in person, and it has been a blast.  Here's to making many more friendships in the years to come!

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    Congratulations :)   It looks like you're celebrating with an Ireland trip :)  Enjoy!


    Mike C

    Welcome to the team, the "A Team." Glad you chose to stay and participate in a positive way to the growth of the community. Play well in Ireland sir. Congratulations again.

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    Atta boy Mike.  

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    Congrats Mike!!!

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    Good job


    Way to go Mike.  When we first met you, we thought you would be a great it is official.

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    Congrats Mike, way to go!

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    Congrats Mike C!!!


    Congrats ... great job!