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women's golf sandals

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    i've enjoyed a pair of women's footjoy golf sandals for 12+ years now, and it's time for a new pair, but all that is being sold is a pair of (boring) CREAM colored ones (in the style that i prefer)....i contacted a company representative and was told that that's the only color offered to women....hmmmm, i'm thinking footjoy (fila) doesn't see the necessity of offering women similar products that are offered to men....wonder why that is?...



    Thank you for your input.

    There are many factors that go into what shoes or in this case sandals that we release into the marketplace.  Diagnosing fashion trends, conducting market research and focus groups go into every decision we make.  

    In the case of our current sandals, we felt the cream color better fit what the majority of sandal wearing female golfers would be looking for.  The darker brown men's version, in our opinion, better fits what a male golfer may be looking for.

    We are in the process of revamping that portion of our line and I will forward your note to our R&D team for consideration.




    Welcome, Golf forever, glad to have you in the community.

    To be fair, FJ only offers only one style of sandal for men, and only in brown. There are two styles for women, the cream ones you like and another that's more of a trek style in taupe.

    I am in the women's golf apparel and shoe business. There are other companies out there that offer sandals, but they are not top sellers. My guess is that there's not a huge demand at FJ for sandals for either women or men.


    What colour socks would you wear with these ;)


    What colour socks would you wear with these ;)

    They're neutral, you can wear whatever color you want :)


    miniwarmthWhat colour socks would you wear with these ;)

    They're neutral, you can wear whatever color you want :)


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    I am with Chuck, no socks with sandals.

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    But what about socks with man-dals?  (Kidding.)


    I am not a sandal guy. We have Fire Ants in Texas.


    Welcome GF !  Devin for sure  is the go to guy for FJ Info....But Sandals are a limited market no matter the brand.....So try some FJ's Shoes for color, style, comfort and stability....You won't be disappointed !